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Which "One Bad Apple" spoiled the whole tribe for Michael Jackson?

"Michael Jackson, Anti-Semite" by Michael Freund in Israel National News Blogs - 26 June 2009

While much of the world mourns the untimely death of the "King of Pop" Michael Jackson, it is worth recalling one of Mr. Jackson's more unfortunate qualities: he was an anti-Semite.

In case you think I am making this up, allow me to refresh your memory.

Back in November 2005, Jackson was caught on tape in a voicemail to one of his former business managers calling Jews "leeches". The tapes were played on ABC's Good Morning America program, and Jackson was heard saying, "They suck ... they're like leeches. It's a conspiracy. The Jews do it on purpose."

And in 1995, Jackson provoked a firestorm of protest when he released an album called HIStory containing a song entitled "They don't care about us" which had the following lyrics: "Jew me, sue me" and "Kick me, kike me". He subsequently promised to re-record the song and delete the offending lyrics. But then, in February 1996, Jackson nonetheless released a video of the song in which he had re-instated the brazenly anti-Semitic remarks.

So before you go shedding a tear in Michael Jackson's memory, take a moment and consider the hate that he spewed against Jews, both in private and in public.

And then maybe you'll consider saving those tears for someone far more deserving.

'Industry of lies' de-legitimizing Israel, whitewashing Islamism poses an existential threat

A hypocritical, delegitimizing movement seeking to defeat Zionism and whitewashing Islamist Palestinian-ism has overtaken the media and academia, asserts Israeli sociologist, Ben-Dror Yemini.

Israel, having lost the battle for the moral high-ground of its legitimacy against a pro-Palestinian, history rewriting, disinformation campaign, must prioritize resources to recoup its losses in the psych-ops war - which by capturing the worldview of most media and academia - has infiltrated most popular understanding.

Yemini asserts an "industry of lies" (which includes the UN) seeks to excommunicate and depose Jewish rule of Israel, in similar fashion to apartheid South Africa. This is an existential challenge more threatening than Hamas, Yemini cautions in his call for action (exclusive to DemoCast at the Herzliya Policy Conference in Israel.)

Seven Existential Threats by Michael B. Oren Commentary Magazine, May 2009

Rarely in modern history have nations faced genuine existential threats. Wars are waged to change regimes, alter borders, acquire resources, and impose ideologies, but almost never to eliminate another state and its people. This was certainly the case during World War II, in which the Allies sought to achieve the unconditional surrender of Germany and Japan and to oust their odious leaders, but never to destroy the German and Japanese states or to annihilate their populations. In the infrequent cases in which modern states were threatened with their survival, the experience proved to be traumatic in the extreme. Military coups, popular uprisings, and civil strife are typical by-products of a state’s encounter with even a single existential threat.

The State of Israel copes not only with one but with at least seven existential threats on a daily basis. These threats are extraordinary not only for their number but also for their diversity. In addition to external military dangers from hostile regimes and organizations, the Jewish State is endangered by domestic opposition, demographic trends, and the erosion of core values. Indeed, it is difficult if not impossible to find an example of another state in the modern epic that has faced such a multiplicity and variety of concurrent existential threats.

# 3 - Delegitimization

Since the mid-1970s, Israel’s enemies have waged an increasingly successful campaign of delegitimizing Israel in world forums, intellectual and academic circles, and the press. The campaign has sought to depict Israel as a racist, colonialist state that proffers extraordinary rights to its Jewish citizens and denies fundamental freedoms to the Arabs. These accusations have found their way into standard textbooks on the Middle East and have become part of the daily discourse at the United Nations and other influential international organizations. Most recently, Israel has been depicted as an apartheid state, effectively comparing the Jewish State to South Africa under its former white supremacist regime. Many of Israel’s counterterrorism efforts are branded as war crimes, and Israeli generals are indicted by foreign courts.

Though the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza clearly contributed to the tarnishing of Israel’s image, increasingly the delegitimization campaign focuses not on Israel’s policy in the territories but on its essence as the Jewish national state.

Such calumny was, in the past, dismissed as harmless rhetoric. But as the delegitimization of Israel gained prominence, the basis was laid for international measures to isolate Israel and punish it with sanctions similar to those that brought down the South African regime. The academic campaigns to boycott Israeli universities and intellectuals are adumbrations of the type of strictures that could destroy Israel economically and deny it the ability to defend itself against the existential threats posed by terrorism and Iran.

Where has everyone disappeared to?

Officials of the Simon Wiesenthal Center are urging world leaders including the United States, the European Union, the Arab League and the Organization Islamic Conference to call for an immediate emergency session of the United Nations Security Council on the brutal suppression of the Iranian people following the sham elections in Iran.

“The brave citizens of Iran, have against all odds, sent a clarion call to the world that they want freedom and democracy but so far the world has turned their back as innocents have been killed on the streets of Tehran and other cities,” Rabbi Marvin Hier and Abraham Cooper, (founder and dean and associate dean, respectively) of the Jewish Human Rights NGO said in a statement from Los Angeles.

“The UN cannot be open for business only to condemn Israel. It is unbelievable that to date, not a single country has called for UN agencies to act. Now is the time for world leaders to call for an emergency session of the UN Security Council to send the mullahs a clear message that any further violence against their own citizens will be met with swift sanctions,” the Wiesenthal Center statement concluded.

DemoCast's video coverage includes exclusive interview with Rabbi Marvin Hier which precedes excerpts from his speech, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, and Roxanna Ganji of the Organization for an Iranian Parliamentary Monarchy.

Ma'ariv (Israel) Newspaper carried an opinion piece (Monday 22 June) by Ben Caspit and Ben-Dror Yemini (translated in Yaakov Lozowick's Ruminations) (hat tip to Stuie Wax) on the subject: "Where Is Everyone?
Tell us, where is everyone? Where did all the people who demonstrated against Israel’s brutality in Operation Cast Lead, in the Second Lebanon War, in Operation Defensive Shield, or even in The Hague, when we were dragged there unwillingly after daring to build a separation barrier between us and the suicide bombers, disappear to? We see demonstrations here and there, but these are mainly Iranian exiles. Europe, in principle, is peaceful and calm. So is the United States. Here and there a few dozens, here and there a few hundreds. Have they evaporated because it is Tehran and not here?

All the peace-loving and justice-loving Europeans, British professors in search of freedom and equality, the friends filling the newspapers, magazines and various academic journals with various demands for boycotting Israel, defaming Zionism and blaming us and it for all the ills and woes of the world—could it be that they have taken a long summer vacation? Now of all times, when the Basij hooligans have begun to slaughter innocent civilians in the city squares of Tehran? Aren’t they connected to the Internet? Don’t they have YouTube? Has a terrible virus struck down their computer? Have their justice glands been removed in a complicated surgical procedure (to be re-implanted successfully for the next confrontation in Gaza)? How can it be that when a Jew kills a Muslim, the entire world boils, and when extremist Islam slaughters its citizens, whose sole sin is the aspiration to freedom, the world is silent?

Imagine that this were not happening now in Tehran, but rather here. Let’s say in Nablus. Spontaneous demonstrations of Palestinians turning into an ongoing bloodbath. Border Policemen armed with knives, on motorcycles, butchering demonstrators. A young woman downed by a sniper in midday, dying before the cameras. Actually, why imagine? We can just recall what happened with the child Mohammed a-Dura. How the affair (which was very harsh, admittedly) swept the world from one end to another. The fact that a later independent investigative report raised tough questions as to the identity of the weapon from which a-Dura was shot, did not make a difference to anyone. The Zionists were to blame, and that was that.

And where are the world’s leaders? Where is the wondrous rhetorical ability of Barack Obama? Where has his sublime vocabulary gone? Where is the desire, that is supposed to be built into all American presidents, to defend and act on behalf of freedom seekers around the globe? What is this stammering?

A source who is connected to the Iranian and security situation, said yesterday that if Obama had shown on the Iranian matter a quarter of the determination with which he assaulted the settlements in the territories, everything would have looked different. “The demonstrators in Iran are desperate for help,” said the man, who served in very senior positions for many years, “they need to know that they have backing, that there is an entire world that supports them, but instead they see indifference. And this is happening at such a critical stage of this battle for the soul of Iran and the freedom of the Iranian people. It’s sad.”

Or the European Union, for example. The organization that speaks of justice and peace all year round. Why should its leaders not declare clearly that the world wants to see a democratic and free Iran, and support it unreservedly? Could it be that the tongue of too many Europeans is still connected to dark places? The pathetic excuse that such support would give Khamenei and Ahmadinejad an excuse to call the demonstrators “Western agents,” does not hold water. They call them “Western agents” in any case, so what difference does it make?

To think that just six months ago, when Europe was flooded with demonstrations against Israel, leftists and Islamists raised pictures of Nasrallah, the protégé of the ayatollah regime. The fact that this was a benighted regime did not trouble them. This is madness, but it is sinking in and influencing the weary West. If there is a truly free world here, let it appear immediately! And impose sanctions, for example, on those who slaughter the members of their own people. Just as it imposed them on North Korea, or on the military regime in Burma. It is only a question of will, not of ability.

Apparently, something happens to the global adherence to justice and equality, when it comes to Iran. The oppression is overt and known. The Internet era broadcasts everything live, and it is all for the better. Hooligans acting on behalf of the regime shoot and stab masses of demonstrators, who cry out for freedom.

Is anything more needed? Apparently it is. Because it is to no avail. The West remains indifferent. Obama is polite. Why shouldn’t he be, after all, he aspires to a dialogue with the ayatollahs. And that is very fine and good, the problem is that at this stage there is no dialogue, but there is death and murder on the streets.

At this stage, one must forget the rules of etiquette for a moment. The voices being heard from Obama elicit concern that we are actually dealing with a new version of Chamberlain. Being conciliatory is a positive trait, particularly when it follows the clumsy bellicosity of George Bush, but when conciliation becomes blindness, we have a problem.

The courageous voice of Angela Merkel, who issued yesterday a firm statement of support for the Iranian people and its right to freedom, is in the meantime a lone voice in the Western wilderness. It is only a shame that she has not announced an economic boycott, in light of the fact that this is the European country that is most invested in building infrastructure in Iran. She was joined by British Foreign Secretary Miliband. It is little, it is late, it is not enough. Millions of freedom seekers have taken to the streets in Iran, and the West is straddling the fence, one leg here, the other leg there.

There is a different Islam. This is already clear today. Even in Iran. There are millions of Muslims who support freedom, human rights, equality for women. These millions loathe Khamenei, Chavez and Nasrallah too. But part of the global left wing prefers the ayatollah regime over them. The main thing is for them to raise flags against Israel and America. The question is why the democrats, the liberals, and Obama, Blair and Sarkozy, are continuing to sit on the fence. This is not a fence of separation, it is a fence of shame.

Dramatic street-theater illustrates brutality of regime's killing protestors in cold blood

Participants to Los Angeles' Iran Solidarity Rally Monday evening were shocked and stirred by a guerilla street theater performance by 2 Iran-born brothers who recreated the ruthless brutality that the Islamic Republic of Iran metes to civil disobedients.

Brothers, Reza and Mohammed Mostahi, demonstrated some of their Santa Monica College-learned cosmetology skills to a stunned crowd of Iranian-Americans and Iranian refugee onlookers.

Their activism inspired patriotic chants and jeers of, "Down with Hezbollah" - referring to the Islamic terrorist group that the Islamist regime imported to brutalize civilly-disobedient Iranians marching in hopes of achieving civil-rights from the Islamist regime.

Where has all the couscous gone?

Anti-Zionist threat for Trader Joe's backfires to boost Israeli product sales.
The Los Angeles Jewish Journal reports that:
Although “World Refugee Day,” the boycott of Trader Joe’s planned by the anti-Israel group “Don’t Buy into Apartheid,” came and went on Saturday, June 20, with no apparent incidents in Los Angeles, other cities in California did witness protestors invade the popular supermarket chain.

Kate Raphael, one of the organizers of the event, said she joined approximately 20 others as they marched into a Trader Joe’s store in Oakland, Calif., passing out hundreds of leaflets, which condemned Israel’s actions, while taking Israeli products off the shelves. Similar demonstrations happened in San Francisco and Sacramento.
In Los Angeles however, the only unusual activity reported was that of local patrons walking into the national food chain to ask to buy Israeli products in specific. 
By Saturday evening, all of the couscous in West L.A. had been sold out.

Too hot for Israeli TV: The documentary that cost Israeli TV journalist Mickey Rosenthal his job

Israeli journalist Mickey Rosenthal goes head to head exposing corporate/government conflict-of-interest from the Ofer Brothers Group in the Channel 8 documentary that they threatened the channel into not broadcasting - "The Shakshuka System" - U.S. premiering at the L.A. Israel Film Festival Thursday June 18 at 5pm.

Director Ilan Aboody and editor Martha Wiseltier visited the Festival to discuss what their struggle and what it says about the evolution of Israeli society and Israeli media. (Shakshuka is the Hebrew word for a Western omelette)

History of Israel and you - reflected in the Israeli Film Festival - running in L.A. through Thursday June 18

Dani Dothan, co-producer - director (with Dalia Mevorach)  explains how their film, The Mystery of Aris San, about the life of Mediterranean music legend, Aris San, reflects the evolution of Israeli culture domestically and internationally. Dothan was the former leader of 1980's Israeli alternative rock-band, The Clique -  today teaching media at Bezalel in Jerusalem.

Israel Film Festival previews "Rebirth," French-Israeli TV mini-series of diaspora emigration to pre-1948 Israel

"Rebirth," a TV drama about the rebirth of the Jewish nation in its ancestral homeland, Israel, previews Tuesday 16 June in Los Angeles. Israel Film Festival's Executive Director, Meir Fenigstein, remarks to its screenwriter, Lisa Mamou, about the significance of public awareness about this French-Israeli co-production. It is scheduled to air on France's Arte cable channel in August.

Holocaust Musuem shooting spotlights Jewry's weak opposition to anti-Zionism fostering a climate of violence against Jewish targets

The SF Medical Examiner's report is inconclusive as to whether gay, pro-Israel activist Dr. Dan Kliman was pushed or fell into the bottom of the elevator shaft in the building of his Arabic class 6 months ago. Joo-Tube was one of the primary reporters of his death and the memorial service for him in December 2008.

On March 17, 2009, the SF Chronicle Snitch published:
In an 18-page report released today, the San Francisco Medical Examiner's office determined that Dr. Dan Kliman died of blunt force trauma to the head and abdomen following a fall from an elevator believed stuck between the fourth and fifth floors at 55 New Montgomery. While how Kliman ended up in the bottom of the elevator shaft is not spelled out with exact certainty, the report does note "multiple deficiencies" in the elevator car that he fell from.

Kliman, 38, was a fiery pro-Israel activist and co-founder of S.F. Voice for Israel. The strange circumstances surrounding his demise -- combined with recent, well-publicized failures from the San Francisco Police Department -- led many in the Jewish community to assume that Kliman was the victim of a cabal of anti-Zionist extremists.
At the Back of the Hill Blog
There are excellent reasons for doubting that Dan Kliman's death was entirely accidental. As follows:

*Dan was very well-known to the other side, his picture was posted on several sites identifying him as a Zionist "conspirator" and one of the lead-activists in the Bay Area.

*He had received several death-threats over the years - he was known by name and address.

*The pro-Palestinian side has often either used violence or threatened to do so - Dan was assaulted several times.

*The building where he was found was where he was taking Arabic classes; there were NO classes that week.

*Several members of the other side also take Arabic classes - that is one of the few schools in the area where Arabic is taught, and there is a constantly changing roster of Israel-haters studying Arabic there.

*The defective elevator had been secured so no one could enter it.

I am not going to jump to any conclusions just yet. But I am almighty curious.

And until the police PROVE that it was an accident, I have to suspect that Dan was jumped by pro-Palestinian opportunists, who knew who he was, that the building was nearly empty, and that they would not soon have so excellent a chance to "get that Zionist".

Dan was hated. And he was alone in a place frequented by many of his enemies.
The publisher responded to a Commenter alleging Islamophobia:

My dear second anonymous,

Are you the Arab agitator who tried to follow me after that demonstration outside the consulate?

Or are you the bearded middle-aged communist who threatend to "get me" in Oakland?

How about one of the hooldums yelling "Al mawt al Yahud" on Market Street? Or the ones yelling the same thing on Montgomery Street?

Strikes me that given the atmosphere of hatred some of you thugs have created, you are pretty lame now trying to disavow it.

You guys are thugs. And some of you are wannabee hero-criminals.

If you are the mid-twenties bearded dude who tried to wrestle me, I can probably still identify you in a line up. Unless you've had more tattoos since then.

Perhaps you were one of the young Arab gentlemen making the Nazi salute and screaming for the ethnic cleansing of all of Palestine 'from the river to the sea' at Justin Herman Plaza?

The angry woman who yelled that all of us Zion-nazis should be killed at the ANSWER rally? Oh well, it doesn't matter. Get stuffed!

Michael Savage addressed the matter on his radio show on December 3rd.

March 22nd weekend, webblogger, Simian Menace, wrote this deep analysis in Murder most foul- San Fran elevator death case stalled :

According to the report, because of the elevator's age there is no way to determine why it suddenly decided to stop working between the 4th and 5th floor. It has no computer memory chips. How convenient. Then Dr. Kliman somehow pries open the doors using nothing more than superhuman strength and a purple pen whereupon, still wearing his backpack full of books and a laptop computer, and still holding the magic pen in his hand he clumsily tries to climb out of the elevator car and plummets to his death faster than the President's approval rating. He lands at the bottom of the elevator shaft, breaks every major bone in his body, yet still manages to hold on to his magic purple pen.

Here's what Kilman did not do: he didn't use the emergency call button which building officials have confirmed was working at the time. He didn't use his own cell phone to call or text anyone. He didn't use his laptop's wi-fi capability to contact anyone. ...
I don't know what happened that night. We may never know. But I know when something doesn't sound right, and all indications are that there is something rotten in San Fran-freako. SF's murder rate is among the highest in the nation, and its case clearance rate is among the lowest. The hard-working, competent, regular beat-cops are continually hamstrung by incompetent political administrative appointments. Why would the department cover up a murder? Wrong question--why wouldn't they? There are countless PR reasons to label this incident as an "accident. ...
If the state of California refuses to seek justice for Dr. Kliman, perhaps the case needs to be federalized and investigated by the FBI - although US Attorney General Eric ('know when to') Holder seems disinclined to offend the groups which have the most interest in Dr. Kliman's death.
DemoCast elucidates the notion that the far-left's anti-Israelism/Semitism (and the mainstream's - especially mainstream Jewry's - toleration of such) has created a climate not discouraging anti-Zionist violence - as demonstrated in Washington's US Holocaust Museum shooting. Now, even a white Christian, James von Brunn, felt unchallenged to lash-out at Jews at the prominent Museum to intolerance. How shall we gauge the effectiveness of those who should be fighting anti-Semitism/Israelism? What can we do better?

If you have any knowledge of any ensuing activity on this case, you're invited to please post it here.

Jon Voight: Do everything you can to oppose Obama's wrongminded policy - and save Israel

Patriotic actor, Jon Voight, calls the public to take all action necessary to protect Israel from Obama's campaign - to whitewash the Islamist crusade to conquer the West. Forcing an unqualified Palestinian state out of Israeli territory before stopping Iran's nuclear weaponizing, he feels, is a recipe for pariahing Israel, and a disaster for America's role the world.