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Clubhouse Wars- reformed Democrats' struggles against liberal bigotry in Florida's retirement communities

(Photo Credit: Reuters via JPost)
The Democratic Party at Prayer The Problem with the "Jewish Vote"  by  Jonathan Bronitsky in City Journal, Oct 25 
Every presidential election produces a series of articles probing and prophesizing about the so-called “Jewish vote.” This year has been no different, with most observers agreeing that the majority of Jewish-Americans will vote Democratic.

Why are the ballots cast by Jewish-Americans, just 2 percent of the population, of such importance to politicians (and would-be politicians)? First, relative to their community’s small size, Jews contribute a disproportionate amount of money to political candidates and causes.
They give half of the funds received by the Democratic Party and one quarter of the funds received by the Republican Party, according to American history professor Gil Troy. Second, many Jews live in the swing states of Florida (846,700 of 19.9 million), Pennsylvania (324,700 of 12.8 million), Ohio (173,700 of 11.6 million), and Michigan (105,200 of 9.9 million). And third, Jews tout a stellar turnout record—80 percent, on the word of several sources.

Indeed, the Pew Research Center’s landmark 2013 survey, “A Portrait of Jewish-Americans,” found that caring about Israel was vital to Jewish identity for approximately half of Jews aged 65 and older. By contrast, only about a third of Jews under the age of 30 expressed that same sentiment. It’s also estimated that Jews constitute at least 20 percent of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement. And take what you will from this: American Jewry was virtually split down the middle over the Iran nuclear deal. Perhaps more strikingly, Jewish support for the deal was 20 percentage points higher than for Americans overall. 
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Mr. Alan Gordon leads a weekly seniors' Current-Affairs discussion group at a Jewish Community Center in Palm Beach County. The group of transplanted, northeasterners are predominantly Democrat. Mrs. Joanne Mindes points out that the group members are commonly influenced by the liberal, pro-Palestinian bias of the mainstream press. They diminish the importance of Israel, despite it being used as a rallying-cause by the multicultural Left against Jewish-America. We bring you video from a meeting of the group on Primary Day in March 2016.

Retired Bronx Principal Alan Bergstein writes Op/Ed's in the Jewish Voice of New York. Former regional representative of the Zionist Organization of America, he is an expert on liberal fascism towards conservatives and Republicans. When a local synagogue hosted a campaign event for then Sen. Obama, synagogue members prohibited him from entering and had him detained by a number of policemen. He describes the social discrimination liberals have for those expressing conservative views and his crusade to represent Jewish interests against Judaism's Islamo-Marxist enemies throughout the world. 

Miriam Levine's shows-off daughter
Risa's photo with Hillary in the WashPost
Mrs. Levine, a snowbird from New Jersey, is asked how, as a liberal advocate of Jewish expression and safety, she supports Hillary Clinton- in the face of her demonstrated bias against Israel's safety against Iran, and advancing the interests of Islamism in Libya, Syria, and anti-Semitic Muslim immigration to the U.S.

Glenn, who used to be a liberal in the music-industry, explains how now he only socializes among people who share his Republican political views of the Obama/Clinton administration- and why he now supports Donald Trump for President.

Live concert footage of Moshav Band's Shabbat Shuvah Concert- inspiring holiness and Zionism

Dovid Swirsky and Yehuda Solomon of the Moshav Band returned to their home-base for the Happy Minyan's annual, Shabbos Shuva Concert on Saturday night 8 Oct.The band, known for their original, spiritual and Zionistic pop-rock songs, took and played a number of requests from their audience in this intimate setting, some of which are shown here through JooTube's original chronicling. The duo were joined (separately) by Breslover singer Moshe Storch and rapper, Kosha Dillz. (Click to play, click to stop).
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Jewish "Team Israel" started kosher at Florida stadium, rose to World Baseball Classic; Club's relations with Jews, NY Mets & fans repaid at Fernandez tragedy

Team Israel celebrates winning World Baseball
Classic tournament slot Sunday, 25 Sept '16
(l to r) Team Israel's former mgr Brad Ausmus, late President 
Shimon Peres, and U.S. Amb. to Israel Dan Shapiro 
(Photo: https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=21352204
Israel's national baseball team topped Great Britain and Brazil in Brooklyn to earn a qualifier slot for 2017 March's World Baseball Classic tournament. Home runs by Jewish M.L.B. minor leaguers Blake Gailen, Ryan Lavarnway, and Cody Decker lifted Team Israel to victory. Colorado Rockies' coach, Jerry Weinstein, manages the team of predominantly minor league, Jewish ball players. Former Marlins pitcher, Craig Breslow, earned the win against Brazil. Pitcher Dean Kremer recently became the first Israeli to be drafted by a major league ball club.

Roni Raab (r) exec dir for J.N.F.'s SoFlorida, with mascot, Blue-Box Bob at
Jewish Heritage Day at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter speaks with JooTube

Team Israel's World Baseball Classic climb began at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Florida 3-years ago. Stadium G.M., Mike Bauer asked Roni Raab, executive director of Jewish National Fund for  South Florida, to attract a Jewish crowd for Team Israel's games in 2013. This began Jewish Heritage Day in Jupiter- and in 2015, they brought hot kosher food for sale at the ball park. JooTube visited the Miami Marlins 2016 Jewish Heritage Day against the New York Mets.

In this second spring season that kosher food was made available (this year's vendor, Boca Pita Express) Boynton Beach attendee Mrs. Natalie Herbin appreciates, "Now we (Jews) can (finally) enjoy attending a ballgame like everybody else!"

JNF Palm Beach Board President Art Silber said in a JNF press release, "There has been synergy between Jews and baseball since the earliest days of Jewish immigration to America." He added, "Jewish Heritage Day at the spring-training home of the Marlins and Cardinals is a chance to show your support for JNF, Israel, Jewish education and to connect with neighbors throughout Palm Beach County. And of course, watch some baseball — America's pastime."
The relationship fostered during these exhibition games
(including Jewish Heritage Day) between the Marlins and Mets (whose stadium is 45 minutes north in Port St. Lucie) deepened Mets' and their fans' empathy for Marlins during the untimely death of Marlins pitcher, José Fernandez, 24, at the Marlins/Mets September series. The respect that the Marlins showed for Jewish culture contributed to the empathy given back to the entire Marlins organization.

Team Israel stands for the singing of the "Star Spangled Banner"
Team Israel will compete in World Baseball Classic's Pool B against teams: Chinese Taipei, South Korea, and Netherlands at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, South Korea between March 7-10, 2017.

Pool C teams, Canada, Colombia, Dominican Republic, and the U.S. will compete in Miami at Marlins Park between March 9-12.

The semi-finals and finals will be played between March 20-22nd at Dodger Stadium. 

If Team Israel makes it to Los Angeles, hopefully Jeff's Gourmet Kosher Sausages will be asked to accomodate the kosher ball fans.

Shimon Peres (1923-1985;1986-2016): Which do we mourn? by Martin Sherman

avatar by Martin Sherman in The Algemeiner

Shimon Peres. Photo: Mark Neiman / GPO.
Shimon Peres. Photo: Mark Neiman / GPO.
“Ambition drove many men to become false; to have one thought locked in the breast, another ready on the tongue.” — Gaius Sallustius Crispus, Roman historian and politician, (86 BCE – c. 35 BCE)
“It is our experience that political leaders do not always mean the opposite of what they say.” — Abba Eban, Israeli diplomat and politician (1919-2002)

Recorded at Beth Jacobs Congregation, Beverly Hills, 18 Sept '16
On Wednesday, September 28, Shimon Peres, the 9th and arguably the most high-profile president of Israel, passed away. For all the glare of the public spotlight and scrutiny to which he has been exposed, he remains in many ways, an enigmatic figure, comprised of seemingly impossible contradictions for historians to attempt to decipher.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2016 3:06 PM

Shimon Peres, a Leader for All Seasons

Shimon Peres understood the Biblical verse “to everything there is a season.” When he was a young man working for David Ben-Gurion,...
Sweeping international acclaim: Well-merited or unwarranted?
Peres was laid to rest on Friday with all the pomp and ceremony that befits the funeral of a former head of state and public figure of international stature.
The attendees included world leaders and renowned celebrities from dozens of countries around the globe. US President Barack Obama, and former President Bill Clinton, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande, former British PM Tony Blair, and Prince Charles are but a few names on the star-studded list of reported dignitaries, who plan to attend the ceremony. Tributes flowed in from far and wide, from Hollywood stars to the British royal family, mourning the passing of the man seen as Israel’s elder statesman.