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Palestinians spit-in-the-faces of Israelis who support their demands at Ramallah conference

Palestinians vs. Pro-Palestinian Israelis

Ariel Sharon addresses the Americans who blamed him for shutting-down the Gaza settlements

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon addressing AIPAC 2005

N. American Zionists honored Ariel Sharon, but regretted his withdrawing from the settlements he built (for them, which they declined to emigrate to).

In September, 1977, Ariel Sharon unveiled "A Vision of Israel at Century's-End," a proposal for two million Jews to live in the occupied territories that builds on existing plans for additional settlements, homes and infrastructure. The plan offers many incentives for Israelis to move to settlements. "Make no mistake about it, this government will establish many new settlements. That's what it was elected to do and that's what it will do," says Sharon. According to Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics, since 1977, total aliyah from North American has not exceeded 90,000.  In fact, with the exception of 1990 & '91, in no year has total global aliyah exceeded 100,000. 

So in 2005, in view of the political and economic costs of defending the  Jewish population of Gaza's Gush Katif settlements (which had never exceeded 10,000 people), then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon initiated Israel's unilateral disengagement from Gaza, uprooting those communities.  Ariel Sharon died. Pioneer of Jewish re-settlement, In this JooTube original video, he addresses AIPAC in May of 2005: 

Transcript: "I came here from Jerusalem, the eternal, united and undivided capital of the State of Israel and the Jewish people forever and ever. And I would like to use the term "netzach netzachim" - more than forever and ever. I congratulate AIPAC for arranging this successful Policy Conference. It is my pleasure to join you in person and to close this incredible event at such a crucial time for the State of Israel. (Transcript continues below the break)

In less than 6-months from the disengagement, Ariel Sharon was stricken by a stroke which left him in a vegetative coma.  At a March, 2013 dinner for the Gush Katif Memorial Museum, Rabbi David Algaze of Queens, NY spoke of the national and spiritual sacrifice Ariel Sharon assumed by uprooting these many pious Jews in the interest of enabling Palestinian Arabs to demonstrate their genuine readiness to keep Israelis safe from the sovereign state they demanded.


After having survived in that comatose state for 8-years, on January 11, 2014, Ariel Sharon died.

Observant Jews bring tablets to the desert, organize communal rituals, at Consumer Electronics Show

Frum Jews attending C.E.S. in the Mohave desert share mutual observance rituals, kashrut.  

Maurice Ashear of Vivitar organizes for orthodox consumer electronics execs convention traveling in Las Vegas - thrice-daily prayer, kosher dining, and Shabbat observance.  

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