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Differences between Jews' and black / leftists' reactions to perceived "bias crimes" against us

Grafton Thomas slew Josef Neumann (z"l), among the 4
other people he stabbed at a Monsey, NY Hanukah party
Last Hanukah, Grafton Thomas stabbed 5 Jewish people with a machete, including stabbing Mr. Josef Neumann, 72, in the brain. Mr. Neumann struggled to survive for 3 months before dying at the end of March.

During December, in 6 separate instances, a black person attacked (at least) one Jewish person. In a Jersey City grocery, 2 blacks targeted a kosher grocery, killing 4 people, 2 of them Jewish. How wide was the public outcry? In response, did Jews rampage through local black neighborhoods there or in any other cities seeking vengeance? Had they, how would the public have reacted to that?

"Thoughts about Riots and Judaism" by Rabbis Zvi Block and Aaron Parry in Los Angeles.

In Jersey City, Francine Graham, 50, and David Anderson, 47
murdered Mrs. Mindle Ferencz, 31, Moshe Deutsch, 24, and
Douglas Miguel Rodriguez, 49, and Det. Joseph Seals, 40
In December 2019, criminals ran into a Jewish-owned grocery store in Jersey City and killed the Jewish owner, a customer, and a police officer. On Passover 2019, a gunman broke into a Chabad House in Poway, San Diego and shot to death a Jewish
Poway's Lori Gilbert-Kaye was murdered 6-months to the day
from the massacre of 11 Pittsburgh Tree of Life worshippers
woman who stood in the way of the rabbi she was protecting. These are only two of numerous attacks against Jews in recent times that were motivated by hatred, bigotry and anti-Semitism.

Funeral for Jewish victims of Jersey City terror, Dec 2019

What was the Jewish response? Were there demonstrations, rioting, looting, carnage or confrontations with police? No, No, and No. Were there any peaceful protests to claim that JLM (Jewish Lives Matter)? No, No, No. What did Jewish people do? We mourned, we prayed, and committed ourselves to making this a better world.
In response to Farrakhan-influenced Black shootings of Jewish people, Jewish communal groups and political leaders
organized a multi-ethnic, march of solidarity to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

We supported the bereaved families, we raised money for them, and renewed our determination to protect our people and to survive. We did not organize any protests, nor did we blame or harm innocent people!

Rabbi Zvi Block of Toras Hashem, L.A.
It must be therefore reasoned that Jews are of higher culture, a higher intellect and more civil than other people. Of course this is a racist remark and we all know racism is a distortion of truth. Anyone who judges a person or a group of people by their skin color, shape of eyes, or race forgets that we were all “created in the image of God.” You can meet a nice girl of a different race and dismiss the possibility of dating her, and you have just missed out on a most wonderful woman. You have the opportunity to employ a person with tremendous skills and a solid work-ethic but you dismiss that chance because of his skin color. Such people are foolish and self-destructive at best. 
Teacher, Rabbi Aaron Parry

For starters, Jews are not a race. There are Jews from all colors of the rainbow, hailing from countries all over the world. Since equality is God-given, Jews cannot claim they are superior or inferior. What is it then about the Jewish mystique that Mark Twain was impelled to write about in 1867 upon his return from the Land of Israel?

The answer my friends lies in a Hebrew National hot dog commercial. Simply put, “We answer to a Higher Authority!” The Lubavitcher Rebbe wrote that the Mishna in Pirke Avot that instructs us to pray on behalf of the local government (to prevent “each man from swallowing up his fellow),” was really referring to Hashem. The word Malchus, in the Mishna, which we usually translate as government, in fact doesn't apply to human authorities, it only applies to the singular Melech, God Almighty. It is to Him that we must pray, devote our lives, and it is to His divine will of Torah values that we must follow. 

The only connection that unifies all Jews together as a group is Hashem and the eternal teachings of His Torah. No human government set of laws can match that for truth. Tragically there are Jewish people in the world who don't feel this reality and their ignorance makes us sad. The seminal factor that distinguishes us as a people is our faith, commitment and spiritual connection to a higher calling of human behavior. We therefore need to be a light unto the nations and a role model for the proper values of living. That is why our response is different and must reflect our religious principles.
Protesters across America (such as this in L.A.) set fires to police cars, looted stores, gov't offices, even homes in the absence of political officials' will (and restraint) in enforcing laws. (Photo: Ringo H.W. Chiu/AP via Stripes.com)
We should not hesitate to condemn the Black Lives Matter and Antifa's responses the George Floyd arrest in protest. While initially well-meaning in intent, it has become totally uncivilized.

Under pretext of police mistreatment of George Floyd in Minn., CA protesters robbed stores in Santa Monica
Synagogue Cong. Beth El on Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles vandalized with "Fuck Israel" graffiti. How is this ugly
hatred about #BLM or #GeorgeFloyd?!" tweeted Lisa Daftari, the founder/ editor of The Foreign Desk
Criminals robbed and ransacked the clocks and jewelry
shop of Persian-Jewish,
Hooshmand Talasazan in
L.A.'s orthodox, Pico-Robertson neighborhood

Isolated acts of anti-Semitism and racism do not reflect the basic decency of the majority of fine people in our country.

In that patriotic song, “America the Beautiful,” we sing a line; “Crown Thy good with brotherhood,” implying that Hashem will bless America with this divine idea. The United States has been dubbed by leading rabbis as a “Malchus Shel Chesed, “a kingdom of kindness.” Jewish people therefore are appreciative of (and loyal to) our country - while enjoying and sharing the blessings of brotherhood with everyone.

Looted, Jewish watchmaker, Hooshmand Talasazan,
stands in shattered glass behind a copper-tooling of

Moses bringing forth G-d's Ten Commandments
to the people of the world.

Isolated incidents will not change the above attitude. We call upon all people of goodwill to fulfill the Biblical dictum to “love your fellow as yourself,” for we are all children of one God, the father of mankind. This understanding should give us the direction we need to establish a law abiding society under the rules of the seven universal laws of Noah, which will ultimately hasten the coming of Moshiach and usher in a new harmony in the world.