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"Anti-Zionism is racism!" Academics fight leftist/philo-Arab revisionists 68-years after UN ratified Jewish State in Palestine

On Nov 29, 1947 the U.N. ratified Resolution 181 the Plan to Partition Palestine, legitimizing a Jewish (and Arab) state in Palestine. Israeli-born, Prof. Judea Pearl considers this Resolution 181, "the most pivotal event in Jewish history since the destruction of the Second (King Solomon's) Temple."

(video: Jewish United Fund)

Judea and Mrs. Ruth Pearl at Amer Jewish Univ performance
The guest of Mrs. Ruth Pearl, Father Alexei Smith, of the Southern California Ecumenical Council believes that as Judaism is at the root of Christianity, the Catholic Church supports Israel as the Jewish homeland.

At Beth Jacob Congregation this month, Dr. Pearl reiterated  about his concern in his Op/Eds in the Jewish Journal  about the B.D.S. (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) movement attempting to limit the Univ of Calif's terms opposing anti-Semitism to exempt anti-Zionism. Dr. Pearl declared that to deny of the central Jewish tenet of Zionism (sovereignty back in the Jewish homeland) is bigoted racism. He also appealed for UCLA community intervention against "Ziono-phobia" in the definition and climate on campus. 

"The UC’s new dilemma: to name or not to name"

 by Judea Pearl, November 3, 2015, Jewish Journal
As I have argued previously in these pages, among the phobias that currently drive campus racism, Zionophobia trumps anti-Semitism, and therefore, treating anti-Zionism as the lesser of the two evils gives racist forces the legitimacy to continue their assaults unabated, under the cover of a “political debate,” exempt from norms of discourse that protect other campus groups from similar attacks. I believe not only UCLA, but also the University of California Regents, must explicitly name “anti-Zionism” as a major contributor to campus intolerance, and a major threat to the academic climate. ... 
The UC Regents know that Zionophobia is the main source of campus intolerance and hostility, and yet the word “Zionism” — a people’s quest for self determination — has never been identified as a moral imperative by those in charge of campus climate. You can’t cure a problem unless you name it! The effectiveness of any recommendation or report summing up the regents’ deliberations hinges upon one simple word: Zionism. 
Dr. Richard Cravatts, president of Scholars for Peace in the Middle-East, confronts this issue on an ongoing basis and spoke with JewTube.Info last semester about the movement hijacking academia.

Counter-terror in vogue. But does Israeli TV's "Fouda" help or hurt our image?

Lior Raz, co-creator and star of Israeli TV's "Fouda" action-drama series
With the Paris jihadist attacks in popular consciousness, more attention may be paid to the final Israel Film Festival  screenings of the controversial Israeli TV-show "Fouda," a "24"-like thriller TV series depicting the cat and mouse between Palestinian terrorists and Israeli undercover counter-terror police.

"Fouda" actor/co-producer, Lior Raz answers Israel Film Fest
 audience questions post-screening in Beverly Hills
Candid interview with "Fouda" Israeli TV action producer and star, Lior Raz, on the risk of exposing Israel's secret police to an enemy Arab/Palestinian culture.

Lior Raz, star and co-creator of the Israeli TV series "Fouda" spoke with the audience following his premiere screening at the Israel Film Festival in Beverly Hills.

Several episodes screen together on Tuesday and Wednesday Nov 17-18 at the Israel Film Festival in the San Fernando Valley. Please refer to the Israel Film Festival website for locations and schedules.

French attacks cast Israel's struggle in a new light- depicted at Israel Film Festival

Lior Raz, co-creator and star of Israeli TV's "Fouda" action-drama series
Israel Film Festival selections depict a society coping with the Islamist enemy which France has blamed on Israel, but now must confront herself. 

Filmmakers of pictures to be screened in the final week of the 29th Israel Film Festival, "Hagiga- History of Israeli Cinema," "Sabena Hijacking: My Story" and episodes from the controversial, Palestinian-depicting, Israeli TV series "Fouda" speak at their screenings the Israel Film Festival in Beverly Hills and San Fernando Valley, California.

Nati Dinnar, producer "Sabena Hijacking: My Story" tells the story of the 1972 Sabena Airline hijacked en route to Tel Aviv, whose rescue became seminal in the careers of Israeli Defense personnel, who became politicians. Dinnar states that the story has become textbook handling in the profession of hostage negotiations throughout the world.

  The grandson of Capt. Reginald Levi, the real-life pilot depicted in docu-drama, "Sabena Hijacking: My Story" reveals how the event depicted affected their lives. Yaron Lipschitz had not yet seen the movie at the time he spoke with our camera. "Sabena" screens Saturday Nov 14th at 5pm.

"Fouda" actor/co-producer, Lior Raz answers Israel Film Fest
 audience questions post-screening in Beverly Hills
Candid interview with "Fouda" Israeli TV action producer and star, Lior Raz, on the risk of exposing Israel's secret police to an enemy Arab/Palestinian culture.

Arik Bernstein, producer of "Hagiga- History of Israeli Cinema" which shows the attempt of Holocaust survivors to re-establish careers of artistic film production in the fledgling, desert country- and how it evolves. Created as a documentary series for IBA Channel 1, several episodes screen together on Sunday and Monday at the Israel Film Festival in the Valley.

Arik Bernstein answers audience questions at the series episodes screening in Hollywood. "Hagiga" will screen on Sunday and Monday, Nov 15-16 in the Valley.

Please refer to the Israel Film Festival website for locations and schedules.

Jewish-American veteran families who fought tyranny carry forward - some from Israel

Members of the Jewish War Veterans of America participate in Veterans Day parades across America. JWV Posts from Los Angeles participate in an annual, Veterans Day Parade ride- with veterans of WWII on the first floor of their double-decker bus. I accompanied World War II veterans Stan Salmore; Jack Pathman; Harris Frischer, and Paul Cohen last year. Mr. Frischer tells of his incarceration by the Nazis.
Major Stanley Rowen
Sgt. Cmdr. Zachary Taylor

Mrs. Allyson Rowen Taylor continues her family's fight against tyranny. Her father, Distinguished Flying-Cross recipient, Major Stanley Rowen served in the US Air Force effort since World War II. In order to fly within the anti-semitic U.S.A.F., Stanley he 
changed his name and removed his religion from his dog tags- which was consequently omitted from his military tombstone.

Allyson's first-born son, Zachary had already enlisted in the I.D.F. at the time of this interview at the Los Angeles National Cemetery in 2010- and served as a Sergeant Commander in Israel's Givati Brigade- also serving in Operation Cast Lead in Gaza. 

Comments were recorded at the Veterans' National Cemetery in Los Angeles on the day of Israel's blockage of the Mavi Marmara incursion in May, 2010. The issue has reemerged in the news this week - as part of the IslamoNazi movement which grows through the vilifying of Jews through the Jewish state. 

Turks torture Israeli who boarded the Mavi Marmara
"ICC prosecutor ordered again to consider reopening Mavi Marmara case" Jewish Telegraphic Agency November 9, 2015

The International Criminal Court again has ordered a prosecutor to reconsider her decision not to investigate war crimes allegations against Israel in the Mavi Marmara flotilla case. A panel of ICC judges in a 3-2 vote Friday dismissed an appeal by ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda that she not reopen the case as requested by a different panel in July. 

The assassination of Rav Meir Kahane- al-Qaeda's first terror attack on US soil- Lessons on 30th anniversary

Rabbi Meir Kahane is known as a stalwart defender of the safety of the Jewish people's safety. But he was also a great religious scholar, writer, and leader many consider the author of "Why Be Jewish" and several other books a tzaddik and prophet.
J.D.L. members aid Rabbi Meir Kahane, shot by NY-area Islamist, Nosair
at NYC East-Side Marriott, 20-min til ambulance. (Photo: Shannon Taylor)
Omar Abdel-Rahman ("The Blind Sheikh") led Gamaa Islamiya terror group
inciting El Sayyid Nosair to murder Rabbi Kahane, bombing NYC's W.T.C.,
which killed 6 people, and plotting to blow up the U.N. and NYC landmarks
This National Geographic documentary illustrates the connection between the murderers of Rav Kahane, the first Al Qaeda terror act on American soil, and the 1993 World Trade Center bombing - which it is alleged could have been averted had the FBI & NYPD been able to better investigate the radical materials of El Sayid Nosair, convicted for assassinating Rav Kahane November 5th, 1990.

As Debbie Schlussel wrote:
Nosair’s trial was a travesty of epic proportions. The moronic O.J. Simpson-style jury acquitted Nosair (defended by Marxist Jewish self-hater William Kunstler) of murder charges, even though it was clear that he planned the murder of Rabbi Kahane and meticulously carried it out in front of a room full of witnesses. Thankfully, the courageous judge
overseeing the case, Judge Alvin Schlesinger, said the jury’s acquittal “was against the overwhelming weight of evidence and was devoid of common sense and logic,” and he sentenced Nosair to the maximum number of years possible, under the charges for which he was convicted–seven to 22 years."

Though acquitted of Kahane’s murder, three years later, while in prison, Nosair was also implicated in the first World Trade Center bombings that killed six and injured over a thousand others, through his association with those involved in the attack. 

Nosair’s cousin, Ibrahim A. El-Gabrowny, 45, received 57 years for the conspiracy and other charges, including possession of bogus passports and visas intended to get Nosair out of the country following a jailbreak. Seven other defendants received prison terms of 25 to 35 years for planning what prosecutors called a “war of urban terrorism” aimed at altering US policy in the Middle East.  (Source: Times of Israel, Feb '17).

Eyewitness to Nosair's assassination of Rabbi Kahane, former J.D.L. member, Shannon Taylor, recounts the murder, the trial, and it's ramifications - only days after the Pittsburgh Etz Chaim/ Tree of Life synagogue massacre by Robert Bowers (ironically professed to have been motivated by Jews' support for H.I.A.S. (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) resettling of Muslim immigrants in Pennsylvania and other cities across the United States).

Rabbi Kahane had intended to bring his message to Los Angeles' Beth Jacob Synagogue after his Marriott appearance.  If the congregational rabbi would not honor some congregants request for him to speak inside the sanctuary, Rabbi Kahane declared that he would speak outside on the street.

Rabbi Moshe Parry appeared in 2013 outside Beth Jacob Synagogue to honor Rabbi Kahane's ideology- published below.

"Just Who Stole Eretz Yisrael?" - "G-d is Creator of the Universe and Owner and Master of the earth and all that it contains: "The Earth is the L-rd's, and the fullness thereof" (Ps. 24:1). He gave Eretz Yisrael to the Jewish People as their land, to enable them to fulfill their mission of building a state and society in accordance with the laws and foundations of the Holy Torah: "He gave them the lands of nations; they inherited people's toils, that they might keep His statutes and observe His laws" (Ps. 105:44-45). As far as Eretz Yisrael, no apologies or justifications are necessary. The Jewish People came to the land where the seven nations dwelled and took it from them by decree of the Owner, G-d. G-d uprooted the nations who dwelled there and brought in His chosen people, Israel, because the land is His and does not belong to those who lived there as occupants.

A Jew must realize that everything -- the world, punishment, even he himself -- is under G-d's exclusive domain".

Nosair's son, Zak has changed his last name to Ebrahim and has written a book denouncing his father's Islamic terrorism.

My dad, the terrorist: 1993 WTC jihadist’s son reveals painful past
by Susannah Cahalan, New York Post, August 31, 2014.

“The Terrorist’s Son: A Story of Choice,” which he wrote in part, he explains, to show that not all Muslims are irredeemable supporters of extremist ideology.

Defending the Jewish homeland requires a communal effort- shows Friends of the IDF (F.I.D.F.) fundraiser in Los Angeles

Haim Saban poses with IDF soldiers at fundraiser

Friends of the IDF, Western Region returned to Beverly Hills to fundraise $31 million by showing the impressive work they do with and for IDF soldiers, current and veterans.

As filming was prohibited at this year's ceremony (which featured a performance by The Beach Boys, curated by producer David Foster) at last year's ceremony, US Army Master Sergeant Select Greg Grutter of "Heroes to Heroes" demonstrated an example of the Israeli-soldier-support services that philanthropists Haim Saban and Leo David advocate for.

Leo David donated $1 million to Friends of Israel Defense Forces
F.I.D.F. brings actual soldiers, male and female, to meet Americans and share their perspectives as free-societies trying to defending ourselves from the Islamist revolution.

JewTube has chronicled some of the entertainment which attracts donors to the frequently, sold-out fund-raiser.
Enjoy the entertainment from our previous FIDF coverage.

F.I.D.F. L.A. 2011 Gala: Barbara Streisand, Antonio Banderas, David Foster, Noa Tishby, Leo David, David Foster, Michael Smith, Haim Saban 2011

Diverse Friends of the I.D.F. in L.A. convincingly compensate for Stevie Wonder's cancelled performance 2012