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J.W.V., America's oldest vets' group brings "Gift for a Yank" tradition with Eddie Cantor's vaudeville show to V.A. Hospital on Christmas morning

Christmas gifters, J.W.V. leaders Hy Arnesty and Mort Schecter accompany Eddie Cantor imitator, Rick Rogers at V.A.
JWV Calif. Cmdr. Greg Lee is backed by Kojak-actor, Kevin Dobson
Jewish War Veterans of Los Angeles continued the oldest veterans' (founded in 1896) organization in America's 68-year tradition of preparing and delivering a "Gift for a Yank" to hospitalized Veterans Adminstration patients on Christmas morning. 

by Eddie Cantor in 1946 after World War II, California state Commander Greg Lee brought Rick Rogers (an Eddie Cantor impersonator) and partner Sharon Evans to the V.A. Hospital in L.A. to entertain those receiving and giving gifts- with vaudeville songs made famous by music and movie-star, Eddie Cantor. As you can see in the video, the patients and hospital were most appreciative.

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