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Anti-Semitism dean queries L.A. congressional candidates on positions, avoiding Islamist anti-Semitism

Rabbi Abe Cooper, moderates debate between Elan Carr and Ted Lieu in L.A.
L.A. 33rd Congressional District candidates, Calif State Sen. Ted Lieu and L.A. Deputy District Attorney Elan Carr, held their final debate of 2014, at Congregation Beth Jacob in Beverly Hills. Watch the full debate here, moderated by Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Museum of Tolerance. The debate was organized through the auspices of www.CivicCares.Org.

State Sen. Ted Lieu, discussed his positions on the Middle East, Israel, and Palestine with DemoCast. He refers to the bill he co-sponsored to divest California state funds from the Iran and companies doing business with her.


Candidate, Deputy District Attorney Elan Carr expresses his views about upholding American support for Israel and opposing Islamist influence over US policies via Arab lobby groups such as C.A.I.R.

California State Senator Ted Lieu delivers award acceptance speech from the Council on American Islamic Relations of L.A. 16th Annual Banquet.

Israeli venture market on display by The Israel Conference in Los Angeles

The Israel Conference is a business conference across two days in Los Angeles that features the CEOs of companies that are innovating and are designing in Israel with products that reach the global market.  From multi-national firms through emerging growth and early stage, we bring together leading technology innovators and investors in High Tech / Media and Entertainment / TV / Film / Advertising / Mobile / Content / Gaming / Cloud / eCommerce / Financial Innovation / Security / Automotive / Clean Tech / Medical Tech / Consumer Products / Design coming out of Israel that are market-making and in demand.  

Conference moderator, Oded Vardi explains what he feels The Israel Conference provides its audience, its investors, and its companies.

The Israel Conference director, Sharona Justman, introduces Frank Williams, a gentile, UC Irvine student who leads business development trips to Israel.
Over 700 business executives will attend on Thursday October 30, 2014 and Friday October 31, 2014 in Los Angeles to meet leaders of significant businesses that do business in Israel and investors in Israeli companies.  The opportunities for new business are endless and exciting. Speakers represent the spirit of the inventiveness of the Israel market.  Attendees gain an insider’s understanding of the growth of both public and privately-held Israel-facing companies. www.TheIsraelConference.org    310-445-5388   Sixth Year!  More than a business conference, Israel Conference is an experience!

Domestic Islamist terror: how will Jewish voters adapt and respond?

Canadian convert to Islam, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau,
 shot-up Canada's Parliament Oct. 22, 2014
"Canada attacks follow al-Qaida, Islamic State's instructions to a 'T',” AFP, October 23, 2014:
Two suspected extremists who killed Canadian soldiers in shooting and driving rampages followed instructions issued by Al-Qaida and the Islamic State group to the letter.
The country was left reeling Wednesday after a gunman shot dead a soldier and stormed parliament in Ottawa, just two days after another suspected Islamist militant ran over two military personnel with his car in Quebec, killing one. 
These deadly acts appear to follow what Al-Qaida has been preaching for years through articles or videos posted online, calling on recruits and volunteers to go it alone without specific orders or training. In late 2010, the English-language jihadist magazine Inspire, published from Yemen by American Muslim convert Adam Gadahn — known as “Azzam the American” — lauded individual jihad.
“Muslims in the West have to remember that they are perfectly placed to play an important and decisive part in the jihad against the Zionists and Crusaders… So what are you waiting for?” he asked in a video posted some time later. (courtesy JihadWatch)
Ottawa  jihad wake-up: As elections approach, Jewish-American global-affairs expert, Gary Ratner, explores the west's reluctant Islamism resistance.

Los Angeles - Jewish sisters, Laura and Leigh Stein feel inspired towards civic patriotism, and explain their motivation as Americans and as Jews in preserving liberty by promoting candidates strong on defeating Islamist anti-Semitism and anti-American-ism. 

Congressional candidate, Deputy D.A. Elan Carr addressed an Israeli Magen David Adom (Israeli Red Cross) emergency preparedness fair in Los Angeles at the time of summer 2014 Hamas kidnapping of Israeli teens, which spurned to Operation Protective Edge to stop Islamist Hamas' terrorism. Carr explains what Israel represents for freedom and human rights amidst the Islamist Revolution- and why he encourages legislation to support her.

Congressional candidate Adam King of Central Los Angeles speaks with JooTube about Republican willingness to confront Islamism, and inhibit Obama's hurting popular support for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu- who does stand strong against Islamism.

Watch Sukkot / Hoshana Raba in action with Moshav at The Happy Minyan

“You will take for yourselves on the first day [of Sukkot] the fruit of a citron tree, date-palm branches, twigs of a plaited tree, and willows of the stream; and you will rejoice before Hashem your God for seven days” (Leviticus 23:40).  

What do the lulav and esrog you see Jews carrying on Sukkot mean? JooTube visited the 613 Mitzvah store in Pico-Robertson where Rabbi Shimon Kraft sells etrogs and lulavs for $40 a pair. Moshe Klein and Jonathan Eyshi, then 10th-grade Yeshiva students at Mesivta Birkas Yitzchok in Los Angeles explain the lulav and esrog used in prayer during the Jewish holiday of the Tabernacles (Booths), the holiday of Sukkot which runs for a week, concluding October 15th with Hoshana Rabah.
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British-Jewish scholar, Rabbi Daniel Pinner writes: 
The Midrash explains the Four Species to represent four different kinds of Jews: “Just as the etrog has both pleasant taste and pleasant fragrance, so there are Jews who have both Torah-learning and good deeds… The date-palm has a pleasant taste but no fragrance, representing Jews who have Torah-learning but have no good deeds…The myrtle has a pleasant fragrance but no taste, representing Jews who have good deeds but no Torah-learning… And the willow which has neither fragrance nor taste represents Jews who have neither Torah-learning nor good deeds” (Vayikra Rabbah 30:12). All four species have to bepresent in order to fulfil the mitzvah; if any one of them is missing, then the Jew has not carried out the mitzvah at all (Rambam, Laws of Shofar, Sukkah and Lulav 7:5; Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chaim 651:12); if, for whatever reason, one or more of the species is unavailable, then one shakes the others without saying the Brachah, in memory of the mitzvah which should have been  (Shulchan Aruch ibid.).  Read more of Be an Etrog on Arutz Sheva.
Rabbi Aaron Parry ("Complete Talmud for Dummies") explains the symbolism of the willow branches used in the Sukkot Hoshana Raba worship, originated in Israel's original, sovereign incarnation.

To get more of your questions about Judaism and Jewish ritual answered, purchase a copy of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Talmud" direct from Rabbi Parry here

Daniel Pinner concludes in Be An Etrog:
The myrtle with its pleasant fragrance but no taste, representing the Jew who has good deeds but no Torah-learning, survives for appreciably longer than the lulav with its pleasant taste but no fragrance, representing the Jew who has Torah-learning but no good deeds.  And finally we come to the etrog, with its pleasant taste and pleasant fragrance, representing the Jew who has both Torah-learning and good deeds.  The etrog remains fresh and fragrant and yellow (or green) for weeks.  Study and internalise the lesson of the Four Species.  Be an etrog-Jew! Contribute both pleasant taste and pleasant fragrance to the bundle of the Four Species, contribute both Torah-learning and good deeds to the community. The etrog-Jew is the Jew who survives, the Jew who endures.