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Pres. Trump's Israel perspectives that AIPAC Conference overlooks, One Israel Fund & Young Jewish Conservatives address

Viraj sports t-shirt "Herutnik:
Unapologetic Zionist" at
One Israel Fund event on
Judea & Samaria's future

In Washington on Feb 28-29th weekend, the Conservative Convention, CPAC attracted a number of Jewish-Americans, some of whom would be attending AIPAC Policy Conference just days afterwards, but also some not going - disappointed at the absence of sessions which present the argument against a Palestinian State. 

How well are conservative Jewish concerns regarding the Trump administration's establishing a Palestinian State in Judea and Samaria addressed at AIPAC? 

The Young Jewish Conservatives held a Shabbaton concomitant to CPAC which featured speakers such as Rabbis Aryeh Spero, Daniel Lappin, and BlazeTV (and syndicated radio hosts) Mark Levin and Glenn Beck.

Listen to the perspectives of Rabbi Aryeh Spero who appeared at Young Jewish Conservatives' Shabbaton (was filmed after Shabbat):

Scott Feltman, Exec. V.P. at One Israel Fund, introduces and moderates the group's event on the future of Judea and Samaria under the President's "Deal of the Century."

Speakers were (from left to right) Dr. Harold Rhode, Eve Harow (Judean-based tour-guide and radio hostess), and Sarah Stern of the Endowment for Middle East Truth, a thinktank and lobbying group in Washington. 

What former, Pentagon-advisor on Islamic culture, Dr. Harold Rhode, reveals as the root obstacle to Arabs offering permanent peace with Israel.

One Israel Fund's Security Director, Mark Prowisor: How do Israelis regard outside proposals for a 2-State Solution?