Maytal goes a step further and, coming from an Iranian-Jewish immigrant family, comments on the Biden Administration appointing pro-Iran and anti-Israel officials to manage nuclear arms limitations negotiations.

Jewish Journal Editor-In-Chief David Suissa also spoke during the protest, argued that his main issue with the ESMC was that it inculcates students with the notion that their core identity is based on their ethnicity rather than their individuality.

At the Los Angeles rally, black civil-rights activist,
Ted Hayes of "Love is Real" ( and gentile advocate for Israel and Jews, Laurie Cardoza-Moore of "Proclaiming Justice to the Nations" ( discuss their objections to ESMC.


Aaron Bandler, in the Jewish Journal, March 8, 2021 wrote:

In his speech, Mr. Washington pointed out that Martin Luther King Jr (a day before his assassination) had said that there was increasing radicalization among some in the Black community that “There are some who are color-consumed and see a kind of mystique in being colored, and anything non-colored is condemned.” Dr. King, he added, explicitly REJECTED that line of thinking. Mr. Washington stated, “What we are saying now with this Critical Ethnic Studies curriculum is an academic reiteration of the 'color consumption' that King described. This is part of why many like Dr. King are excised from the curriculum - and Dr. King himself is lambasted and belittled as weak and docile.”

Joshua Washington addresses anti-Semitism among the Left and African-American mainstream: