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"Playing it Safe: Jewish Community Security for Today’s New Normal" discussion among Jewish Federations and police at Jewish Federations' General Assembly

The Jewish Federations' of North America's General Assembly in Los Angeles panel,  "Playing it Safe: Jewish Community Security for Today’s New Normal," addressed the Jewish Federations' plans to work with police to provide protection for Jewish synagogues and schools.  Panelists are:
Lt. Adrian Diaz- community liason at the Seattle Police Dept;  
Jason Periar, Security Chief Jewish Federation of L.A.; and 
Michael Masters - formerly Executive Director of the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management for Cook County, Illinois. He takes over as head of the Secure Community Network ("SCN"), a venture between the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and the Jewish Federations of North America

Discussion with JFNA & CPMJA's Secure Communities Network ("SCN"). Video chronicled by JooTube.TV at JFNA General Assembly in Los Angeles, Nov 13, 2017.

Part 2: Audience's Questions and Speakers' Answers (includes SCN's Doron Horowitz discussing Jewish protection on College campuses:

Interview with Michael Masters, the incoming director of the Secure Community Network, the security arm of national Jewish community organizations:

Q: Why do you call it "Scan?"
Michael Masters, Dir., Secure Community Network

A: We usually refer to it as Secure Community Network or "SCN."

Q: Would you describe what it is, please?

A: SCN is a network. What we do is we work on a number of different verticals. We work to liaise with federal law enforcement state and local law enforcement on security issues and matters impactful to the Jewish community to help ensure that we are able to prevent, protect-against, mitigate the effects of, respond to, and recover from security matters - whether man-made or natural.

We also work very diligently on training issues so members of our team work regularly with local security directors in the various Federation's as well as with communities to do training on active threat, active shooter situational awareness.

Q: Is it an initiative of the Federation's of North America?

A: It was founded in 2003/2004 by the Jewish Federations of North America as well as the Conference of Presidents. And those are the two main initiating partners and then there's a board obviously. And then we have partners that we work with around the country and with law enforcement.

Q: Do you work with the synagogues?

A: We are delighted to work with any Jewish communal institution. Day schools, synagogues, summer camps, if they are a part of the community or looking for assistance resources support- we are there for them.

Q: But does the initiative have to come from them or do you go to a synagogue and say here we're available to help protect you?

A: So, traditionally I mean the organization has worked to raise awareness of its existence. Obviously if there are institutions that we haven't touched . . .

Q:  How would a synagogue engage your organization?
A:  Well, part of our strategic plan for fiscal year 2018 is to really be more proactive in outreaching throughout the community. Not just to the Federations, but the smaller communities around the country -  as well as their institutions -  to serve as a resource for the whole community.

I mean that's the value of our system. But of course if somebody contacts us we are going to be responsive to them and their issues their concerns and try to support them which ever way.

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Sandy Koufax and Shawn Green at Dodger Stadium

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