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Orthodox Union luminaries shed light on the complexities of orthodox living and spirituality in the modern world

Rabbis Moshe Weinberger and Alan Kalinsky at OU West
The theme of the Orthodox Union West Coast Torah Convention in L.A. this year is "Bringing Light to a Darkened World."  Rabbi Moshe Weinberger delivered the keynote address, “Illuminating the Darkness” on Thursday, 11 December at Young Israel of North Beverly Hills, organized by Rabbi Alan Kalinsky, photographed together here. 

The theme of last year's conference was
“Traditional Judaism in the New Millennium.” The concluding panel on Sunday was called "Talking Tachlis –
Rabbi Moshe Weinberger delivers keynote address
Dealing with the Contemporary Challenges Facing Today’s Orthodox Families
,” featuring Dr. Yocheved Dubow, Dr. David Pelcovitz, and Rabbi Reuven Bulka, moderated by Rabbi Steven Weil.  

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Presentation: "Challenges Orthodox Families Face" OU West Conv; Rabbis Adir Posey, Steven Weil, Dr. David Pelcovitz, Dr. Yocheved DeBow:

Discussing sex & intimacy with your religious family- Dr. Yocheved DeBow  

"Why be Jewish?" Rabbi Reuven Bulka of Ottawa, Canada

Guiding Jewish families on intimacy & sexuality- interview with teacher and author, Dr. Yocheved DeBow
Catch Dr. DeBow's book, "Talking about Intimacy and Sexuality - A Guide for Orthodox Jewish Parents" via the OU website.

The Internet in the religious home- Dr. David Pelcovitz  

Compromising living-in-the-moment to boost one's virtual, social status- Yocheved DeBow  

Orthodox living in the 21st Century? Rabbi Reuven Bulka  

Marriage's changing face? Dr. David Pelcovitz

'Marriage and divorce among the frum'- Rabbi Reuven Bulka 

Jewish Hookup Culture- Yocheved DeBow; Summary: Rabbi Steven Weil

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