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Art among Jews, Jews among art: Contemporary gallery in mixed, trendy / orthodox part of Hollywood reaches out through L.A. Jewish Chamber of Commerce

Jews in Art: Contemporary, Moskowitz Gallery hosts L.A. Jewish Chamber of Commerce in Orthodox, La Brea area of Hollywood

Adam Moskowitz, curator of Moskowitz Gallery in orthodox part of L.A.'s Hollywood district, gives candid interview about the Jewish role in the contemporary art scene- and contemporary art in Jewish culture.

Gallery partner, Brooke Gerson discusses her ambitions establishing the Moskowitz Gallery in the mixed fashionable and Orthodox, La Brea neighborhood of Los Angeles. 

L.A. Jewish Chamber of Commerce president, Jeff Gurman and Executive Director, David Nemetz brought the group to the contemporary-art, Moskowitz Gallery for their October meeting. Mr. Gurman discusses the mission and benefits of affiliation with their group.

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