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Kerry's weak deal to de-nuclearize Iran will force Israel to war; Meet Jews who have had to fight for our freedom in both America and Israel

American-born oleh, Ronny Weinreich (www.RonnyW.com), discusses his I.D.F. service and the price our servicemembers pay to maintain our free society. He explains Victor Frankel ("Man's Search for Meaning") notion why the Statue of Liberty ought rightfully be called the "Statue of Responsibility." Addressing a Veterans Day gift-basket wrapping party held by Iranian-American civic-group, 30 Years After, at Sephardic Tifereth Israel in Los Angeles.

Jewish US Navy Chaplain Irving Ellson serves with 1st Marine Expeditionary Force based in Camp Pendleton, San Diego and oversees the Jewish chaplains in the Western United States. Ellson explained his work to JooTube at the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces dinner in Southern California.

What are Lucas Siminofsky's views now that he (an American high-school graduate) has completed his  elective enlisted service as a Lone Soldier (i.e., without familial relations in Israel) sharpshooter in the Israeli Army?

Cmdr. David Zwerin of Jewish War Veterans discusses the history of the organization- founded in 1896 - is America's oldest veterans' association.

Jewish War Veterans march in Salute to Israel Parade  June, 2011

The Jewish War Veterans- at 115-years old, the oldest veterans service organization in the nation. Jews have fought and died in every war fought by the United States. June 2012

Frenchman, Marcel Berkovitch, joined Machal to defend Israel in her War of Independence and 1956 against attacking Arab armies

In Los Angeles, Iranian-American 30-Years After group sponsored a gift-wrapping event for Veterans Day. 

Hy Arnesty, Jewish War Veteran and Chairman of the Cemetery and Burial Committee for the Los Angeles National Cemetery- addresses 30 Years After at Sephardic Tifereth Israel.

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