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To thwart Iran's nuclear weapons program, Obama tells Jews to quit sanctions legislation? "Israel can not trust Obama" says ex-V.P. Dick Cheney

Obama presses Senate and American Jewish leaders to hold off on new sanctions as part of Iran de-nuclear strategy.

'Congress loves Israel, but is even more averse to another conflict'  Israel Hayom
Fresh U.S. sanctions over Iran's disputed nuclear program being debated behind closed doors in the Senate aim to slash the country's oil sales in half within a year of the plan being signed into law, an influential senator said this week. Bob McNally, adviser on energy to former President George W. Bush: "There is a concern in Congress about tightening the sanctions so much that it would lead to a conflict"  
Israel Hayom
Day After Rushed White House Meeting With Jewish Leaders, Simon Wiesenthal Center Calls-Out Obama Admin. on Iran Algemeiner Oct 30

A leading Jewish human rights group called out the Obama administration Wednesday for its recent efforts to block new Iran sanctions legislation, and urged the senate to “immediately adopt the Nuclear Iran Prevention Act, which earlier passed the House with broad bi-partisan support.” 

“We respectfully disagree with the White House’s push to give the Iranians more time,” said Rabbis Marvin Hier and Abraham Cooper (founder and dean and associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center) who also called on the President to sign the bill if it is ratified by the senate.

The criticism comes only a day after Jewish leaders were urgently summoned to the White House to discuss sanctions on Iran. Although Jewish leaders touted the meeting as a “constructive and open exchange,” the Jerusalem Post characterized it as “an effort to dissuade them from lobbying the Senate towards passing harsh new sanctions against Iran.” The Simon Wiesenthal Center was not invited to participate in the meeting.

JooTube asked Rabbi Hier to clarify his position during a screening of Moriah Films' "The Prime Ministers" in Los Angeles.

On Monday U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said that “the US would not ‘succumb to fear tactics,’ of those who oppose diplomacy,” with Iran, the Jerusalem Post reported. The post said that the remarks “could be construed as a reference to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s warnings to the world not to fall for the ‘charm offensive’ of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.”  Algemeiner Oct 30

On US CBS-TV news, former Vice-President Dick Cheney said President Obama ought be trusted by Israel to keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Vice-President Cheney believes that Israel should attack Iran's nuclear facilities.

While Obama has been criticized for impeding past Israeli attack plans, the Bush / Cheney  administration also stalled Israeli military pre-emption to rely on sanctions and diplomacy. Israeli intelligence now views Iranian weaponization as imminent, and Mr. Cheney now appears to doubt the Obama administration's Middle East strategies.

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