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Israel 'Apartheid' Activities pollute university campuses- who pays the price, and who is fighting back?

Univ of Calif at Irvine teacher, Gary Fouse, teaches Gulf students the English language. He lends some insight into the annual "Israel 'Apartheid' Week" events and Wall- as part of the Islamization of academic and youth culture - at the expense of Jews and Israel. Who is behind this campaign and how does it affect attitudes about Israel, Jews, and Muslim interests? Please watch video:

The aggressive Muslim Students Union (infamous for disrupting Israel Amb. Michael Oren's speech- which we filmed live in Feb, 2010) brought a leftist, Israeli, pro-Palestinian sympathizer to carry their water.

Their domination of the public square was challenged by L.A.'s Rabbi Moshe ("New Moses") Parry, who gave them a lesson in religious Zionism. Please watch video:


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