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Jon Voight calls to recognize Israel's legitimate rights as the State of the Jews

Actor and civic activist, Jon Voight, spoke-out at the Chabad TV Telethon, both on-air and exclusively with JooTube, about the need for defending the legitimacy of Israel as the state of the Jews- and expecting it from Palestinians and other potential neighbors in future peace agreements.

Caroline Glick elaborates in her column in the Jerusalem Post, "Israel's Path to Victory"
Israel’s sovereign rights to Judea and Samaria are ironclad while the Palestinians’ are flimsy. As the legal heir to the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine, Israel is the legal sovereign of Judea and Samaria. Moreover, Israel’s historic rights to the cradle of Jewish civilization are incontrovertible. And yet, because Israel has not wanted to impede on the possibility of peaceful coexistence with the Palestinians, for the past 18 years it has avoided mentioning its rights and instead focused solely on its security requirements. Consequently, outside of Bible-literate Christian communities, today most people are comfortable parroting the totally false Palestinian claim that Jews have no rights to Judea, Samaria or Jerusalem. They further insist that rights to these areas belong exclusively to the Palestinians who did not even exist as a distinct national community in 1967.

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