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Palestine Arabs' end-run of Oslo to Arab-dominated U.N. removes facade of peace-partner for Israel, says Israeli Prof. Abe Sion

The leader of the Palestinian Authority (which has no authority over Palestinian Gaza, which is governed by Hamas) has violated the Palestinians' obligations for direct negotiations with Israel under the '93 Oslo Agreements to apply for U.N. recognition of a Palestinian State.

The Head of the Center for Law and Mass-Media at Ariel University of Samaria, Professor Abraham Sion, addresses the realities of the popular campaign which hopes to get the Muslim world to stop rejecting Jewish governance of Israel by ceding Jewish authority over Judea and Samaria to withdraw Jews and give Arabs a state of Palestine.

At a meeting of the West Coast branch of the Zionist Organization of America earlier this year, Prof. Sion explained why this initiative will backfire, resulting in weakening Israel's defenses and empowering the global Jihad's quest to conquer the State of the Jews, and embolden the Jihad to conquer the world.

On Fox News, Sen. John Thune (R-SD) writes:
The Palestinians plan this week is to seek full admission to the United Nations as a Member State which would require Security Council concurrence. Seeking elevation to the position of a “state” with observer status, like the Vatican currently enjoys, has also been mentioned.

An intense diplomatic effort by the Obama administration is reportedly underway to forestall the misguided Palestinian effort. President Obama should make four things very clear as part of this effort:

1. The United States will veto any effort in the Security Council to grant statehood to the Palestinians and vote against any effort to change their status within the General Assembly.

2. The United States will halt all financial assistance to the Palestinians if they continue with this course of action.

3. The United States will re-evaluate its contributions to any U.N. institution changing the Palestinians’ status.

4. The United States will re-evaluate its foreign aid posture with respect to any state voting in favor of altering the current status of the Palestinians at the United Nations.

In 1993, as part of the Oslo Peace Process, Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat wrote to the Prime Minister of Israel to say that “all outstanding issues relating to permanent status will be resolved through negotiations.” After that, both sides agreed multiple times that neither party would “change the status of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip” prior to the completion of negotiations on “final status” issues...

The Obama administration should make clear that there will be consequences for such an ill-advised effort -- not just for the Palestinians themselves, but also for the United Nations if it chooses to give a voice to such an effort and for any third party country supporting it.

The L.A. Times published Israel's Ambassador to the U.N., Ron Prosor's Op/Ed delineating the negative effects of Pres. Abbas' tactic.

Abbas' U.N. fantasy by Israel's Ambassador to the U.N., Ron Prossor
What would a yes vote by the General Assembly do?

First, it would feed the fantasy that compromises reached in negotiations can be bypassed. John F. Kennedy once described the impossibility of working with those who say "What's mine is mine and what's yours is negotiable." The basic premise of the Palestinians' U.N. bid is this: Give us everything without negotiation, and then we will negotiate about the rest.

True friends of the Palestinians in the international community should urge them to return immediately to direct talks with Israel. No one but Israelis and Palestinians, on their own, at the table, can face the major challenges that must be addressed if peace is to be achieved. This unilateral action does the opposite, enabling the Palestinian Authority to sidestep negotiations, while standing in violation of every bilateral agreement between Palestinian leaders and Israel since the Oslo accords.

It also encourages reckless behavior in an already fragile region. Voting for this unilateral gambit is a recipe for instability, the breakdown of cooperation and, potentially, violence. Passing resolutions in the General Assembly requires no concessions, no leadership and no responsibility from the Palestinians. The inevitable talks with Israel will not be as easy. They will entail hard work, frustration and many sleepless nights, but negotiations remain the only way forward.

While Palestinians leaders are crying for unilateral recognition, those who support this measure may be soon crying about its consequences.

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