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9/11 lessons: How 'pro-Palestinian anti-Zionism' bolsters jihadist influence in the West- and ensures greater terror to wedge Western support away from Israel

At 9/11 World Trade Center site, Chaim ben Pesach of the Jewish Task Force (JTF.org) addresses imperialist Islamist motivations for terror to intimidate the west into subjugation, President Barack Hussein Obama's Muslim cultural and poltical affinity, his policies which abet and bolster Islamic fundamentalist power and also hamper Israel; Mr. Ben Pesach addresses how he feels Israel-concerned Americans ought to be considering replacing Barack Hussein Obama as president in the coming elections.


At NYC 9/11 Memorial Site,Chaim ben Pesach, director of Jewish Task Force, reflects on anti-Semitism; revealing how in 1990-91 the FBI, CIA, and NYPD ignored 40 boxes of evidence of the terror networks which could have averted both attacks on NY's World Trade Center- because it was in the possession of a pro-Palestinian, anti-Israelist (El Sayyid Nosair) who assassinated Zionist-leader Rabbi Meir Kahane. Nosair operated in association with the architect of 9/11, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, "Blind Sheikh" Omar Abdel Rahman (who was being protected in NJ for collaborating with the CIA in Afghanistan), Ramsi Yousef (nephew of KSM), driver Mahmud Abouhalima (who later drove the '93 World Trade Center bombers). Read "Was KSM Behind the Murder of Meir Kahane?"

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