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4th anniv of "Stop Iran Rally" - a teaching moment for Democrat politicians & voters

Protesters oppose Obama's nuclear Iran plan in Times Square
July 22, 2019 (photo: Kena Betancur/AFP/GettyImages)
While Iran featured less prominently on the second night of Democratic presidential candidates' debates, moderators asked candidates in the first round (June 26th) whether they would reenter the Iran nuclear deal "as it was originally negotiated." Every candidate on stage, except for Sen Cory Booker (D-NJ) responded yes, even as they continued to criticize parts of Pres. Barack Obama's accord.  (source: Bryant Harris in al-Monitor, "Intel: Where candidates came down on Iran in Democrat debates" 6/28/19)

Prime Minister Netanyahu said, "I think that any objective look at the consequences of doing that (resuming the JCPOA) would come to the conclusion that it would actually hurt the interests of the United States and the region and so on.  . . 

 “To go back to the JCPOA means letting Iran get nuclear weapons.”  Quoted 27 June at the Israel Hayom conference in Jerusalem in conversation with editor-in-chief Boz Bismuth. (source: Jacob Kornbluh in Jewish Insider)

Not only are the Democratic candidates opposing Pres. Trump's strategy to renegotiate the arrangement, but the anti-Trump media has turned a public majority against it - without understanding (other than Iran threatens military conflict) the logic in Pres. Trump's strategy to elicit a stronger deal.

This week four years ago, more than 10,000 people gathered for a "Stop Iran Rally" in New York's Times Square. They watched experts explain the folly in Obama / Kerry's JCPOA (Iran nuclear weapons agreement) to the legislators who would be voting on it.

Experts and luminaries delivered rational, impassioned arguments why Congress should reject approving this flawed plan - which has since been revealed by Israel's Mossad that Tehran still sought to obtain nuclear weapons, despite its pact with world powers to curb its nuclear program in return for a loosening of sanctions

Benjamin Netanyahu shows U.N. General evidence of Iran's untrustworthiness and violations under the JCPOA

Speeches on this playlist (advance through list via button in upper right):

  1. Jeffrey Wiesenfeld, Stop Iran Rally emcee, Jewish Rapid-Response Coalition;
  2. Helen Freedman - Chair, Americans for a Safe Israel;
  3. Alan Dershowitz - Harvard Law School professor (ret.)
  4. Col. Allen West - ret. US Army Iraq War, gives impassioned challenge to Obama;
  5. Clare Lopez - former CIA analyst;
  6. Caroline Glick - political columnist Jerusalem Post;
  7. Rabbi Abraham Cooper - Simon Wiesenthal Center;
  8. Col. Richard Kemp - led British Forces in Afghanistan;
  9. Mort Zuckerman - formerly Newsweek; publisher N.Y. Daily News;
  10. Navy Admiral James "Ace" Lyons - US Military leader (died 12/12/18);
  11. Major Gen. Paul Vallely - senior military analyst, Fox News;
  12. Frank Gaffney, Exec. Dir, Center for Security Policy;
  13. Steven Emerson - Exec. Director, The Investigative Project;
  14. Monica Crowley- radio broadcast journalist, Fox News;
  15. James Woolsey - former C.I.A. director;
  16. Robert Morganthau - retired NY District Attorney (d. 7/21/19);
  17. Kasim Hafeez - reformed Muslim-extremist from Britain;
  18. US Rep. Trent Franks;
  19. NY former Gov. George Pataki;
  20. Richard Allen - rally co-organizer;
  21. Kevin McCullough - talk radio host, NYC;
  22. Concerned NYC man on the street about Obama's plan;
  23. Jeffrey Wiesenfeld;
  24. Col. Richard Kemp - led British Forces in Afghanistan;
  25. Herbert London - founder, The London Center for Policy Research (died Nov. 10, 2018);
  26. Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R- MI) WMD-expert;
  27. Genevieve Wood- The Heritage Foundation;
  28. Lauri Regan - Stop Iran Rally co-organizer;
  29. Sarri Singer - Survivor of Iran-funded terror;
  30. Tony Lo Bianco - actor, "The French Connection," "Police Story";
  31. Vered - an Israeli-New York designer/ fashionista;
  32. Scott Jacobs - video-journalist, JewTube.Info;

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu shows UN Gen. Assembly Iran nuclear red-line, 27 Sept 2012

Bostonian, Larry Saloman, expresses pride at witnessing Israel Prime Minister telling US Congress-people about the flaws of the Iran JCPOA nuclear weaponizing terms which Obama was pushing them to ratify.

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