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Synagogue reverses roles - Raza exposes Muslim anti-Semitism, Rabbi exposes Jewish Islamophobia

At the Westwood Kehilla synagogue in Los Angeles, Greg Smith, Esq., introduces their evening  program with a twist. Reformist Muslima, Raheel Raza (president of The Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow) addresses anti-Semitism among Muslims and Reuven Firestone (PhD in Arabic and Islamic Studies and professor at the Hebrew Union College) speaks about "Islamophobia" among Jewish people.

Mrs. Raheel Raza addresses anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism among Muslims, particularly in her native Pakistan.

Prof. Reuven Firestone addresses anti-Islam in Judaism and attitudes among Jews. 

At 27:30 minutes in, the president of the San Fernando Valley Interfaith Solidarity Network, Soraya Deen, joins the panel discussion.

Members of the audience poses questions and the panelists  attempt to answer them. 

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