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Michael Medved looks back- switching from Salem radio to podcasting - addressing orthodox audience

Clips from author and radio host, Michael Medved's recent conversation with David Suissa, Jewish Journal of Los Angeles' publisher- at Beth Jacob Congregation in Beverly Hills. In his final days being carried by Salem Radio, partially for opposing Donald Trump's candidacy for the GOP nomination, how does he now regard the president? 

Does he consider anti-Semitism triggered by Pres. Trump? Is it a bigger problem from the Right or Left? 

Michael Medved on liberals' bigotry towards Republican Jews Patriotic Jewish-American author and radio host, Michael Medved addresses the Jewish infighting over support for Pres. Trump.

Michael Medved: Jewish-themed movies I enjoyed in 2018 (and didn't) with L.A. Jewish Journal editor discusses Jewish-themed motion pictures they liked or didn't. Mr. Medved explains what he didn't like about Steven Spielberg's "Munich." And why Zionistic movies aren't common from Israeli filmmakers. Medved will be replaced on Salem by a radio show from Sebastian Gorka.

Starting on New Year’s Day, you’ll notice that The Michael Medved Show will abruptly disappear from most local radio stations. This raises two obvious questions: 

1) Is the show still broadcasting? 

2) How can I find it if it’s not on my local station? Here are direct answers to those two questions:

1) Yes, The Michael Medved Show will continue to be broadcast live every day at the regular time on a few stations around the country. We’ll be providing the same features, the same “daily dose of debate” as always, with the smartest, most independent, most freewheeling and unpredictable talk show on the radio. 

2) But for most people across the United States, the only way to hear the show going forward will be through our “MedHead” subscription service, giving you commercial-free, live or on-demand access to every hour of broadcasting, plus additional podcasts providing background, extras and personal interaction. 

Please remember JooTube in your year-end donating to worthy causes! 

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