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"Anti-Zionism is racism!" Academics fight leftist/philo-Arab revisionists 68-years after UN ratified Jewish State in Palestine

On Nov 29, 1947 the U.N. ratified Resolution 181 the Plan to Partition Palestine, legitimizing a Jewish (and Arab) state in Palestine. Israeli-born, Prof. Judea Pearl considers this Resolution 181, "the most pivotal event in Jewish history since the destruction of the Second (King Solomon's) Temple."

(video: Jewish United Fund)

Judea and Mrs. Ruth Pearl at Amer Jewish Univ performance
The guest of Mrs. Ruth Pearl, Father Alexei Smith, of the Southern California Ecumenical Council believes that as Judaism is at the root of Christianity, the Catholic Church supports Israel as the Jewish homeland.

At Beth Jacob Congregation this month, Dr. Pearl reiterated  about his concern in his Op/Eds in the Jewish Journal  about the B.D.S. (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) movement attempting to limit the Univ of Calif's terms opposing anti-Semitism to exempt anti-Zionism. Dr. Pearl declared that to deny of the central Jewish tenet of Zionism (sovereignty back in the Jewish homeland) is bigoted racism. He also appealed for UCLA community intervention against "Ziono-phobia" in the definition and climate on campus. 

"The UC’s new dilemma: to name or not to name"

 by Judea Pearl, November 3, 2015, Jewish Journal
As I have argued previously in these pages, among the phobias that currently drive campus racism, Zionophobia trumps anti-Semitism, and therefore, treating anti-Zionism as the lesser of the two evils gives racist forces the legitimacy to continue their assaults unabated, under the cover of a “political debate,” exempt from norms of discourse that protect other campus groups from similar attacks. I believe not only UCLA, but also the University of California Regents, must explicitly name “anti-Zionism” as a major contributor to campus intolerance, and a major threat to the academic climate. ... 
The UC Regents know that Zionophobia is the main source of campus intolerance and hostility, and yet the word “Zionism” — a people’s quest for self determination — has never been identified as a moral imperative by those in charge of campus climate. You can’t cure a problem unless you name it! The effectiveness of any recommendation or report summing up the regents’ deliberations hinges upon one simple word: Zionism. 
Dr. Richard Cravatts, president of Scholars for Peace in the Middle-East, confronts this issue on an ongoing basis and spoke with JewTube.Info last semester about the movement hijacking academia.

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