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French attacks cast Israel's struggle in a new light- depicted at Israel Film Festival

Lior Raz, co-creator and star of Israeli TV's "Fouda" action-drama series
Israel Film Festival selections depict a society coping with the Islamist enemy which France has blamed on Israel, but now must confront herself. 

Filmmakers of pictures to be screened in the final week of the 29th Israel Film Festival, "Hagiga- History of Israeli Cinema," "Sabena Hijacking: My Story" and episodes from the controversial, Palestinian-depicting, Israeli TV series "Fouda" speak at their screenings the Israel Film Festival in Beverly Hills and San Fernando Valley, California.

Nati Dinnar, producer "Sabena Hijacking: My Story" tells the story of the 1972 Sabena Airline hijacked en route to Tel Aviv, whose rescue became seminal in the careers of Israeli Defense personnel, who became politicians. Dinnar states that the story has become textbook handling in the profession of hostage negotiations throughout the world.

  The grandson of Capt. Reginald Levi, the real-life pilot depicted in docu-drama, "Sabena Hijacking: My Story" reveals how the event depicted affected their lives. Yaron Lipschitz had not yet seen the movie at the time he spoke with our camera. "Sabena" screens Saturday Nov 14th at 5pm.

"Fouda" actor/co-producer, Lior Raz answers Israel Film Fest
 audience questions post-screening in Beverly Hills
Candid interview with "Fouda" Israeli TV action producer and star, Lior Raz, on the risk of exposing Israel's secret police to an enemy Arab/Palestinian culture.

Arik Bernstein, producer of "Hagiga- History of Israeli Cinema" which shows the attempt of Holocaust survivors to re-establish careers of artistic film production in the fledgling, desert country- and how it evolves. Created as a documentary series for IBA Channel 1, several episodes screen together on Sunday and Monday at the Israel Film Festival in the Valley.

Arik Bernstein answers audience questions at the series episodes screening in Hollywood. "Hagiga" will screen on Sunday and Monday, Nov 15-16 in the Valley.

Please refer to the Israel Film Festival website for locations and schedules.

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