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US students mourn Israel's victims - and fear blowback in neighborhoods left vulnerable by liberal Jewish leaders

I.D.F. soldiers bury another soldier killed by Palestinians 
Mati Cohen leads candle-light vigil for Jewish soldiers in L.A.
Just weeks after gathering a candle-light vigil for the Israeli kidnapped yeshiva students, Los Angeleno, Mati Cohen and friends organized a similar vigil- this time in mourning for the 4 dozen IDF soldiers killed in the process of stopping Hamas' incessant rocketing of Israeli civilians. Some of them are American Jews who enlisted in the IDF to fight in defense of the Jewish state. Several of them are mentioned by the L.A. mourners in this exclusive JooTube video coverage of the July 27th evening event. 

Speakers in this playlist include Rabbi Moshe Parry, Mati Cohen, Avichai ben Shmuel, Max Adelstein, Arlan Mitnick, and Cherie Lewis.

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Watch more of the action here:
IDF soldiers uncovered massive caches of Palestinian weapons in secret tunnel network (Photo: RocklandVoice.com)

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