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Largest pro-Israel rally in L.A. overshadows anti-Zionist protestors, some of whom turn violent; Gunfire, 4 arrested; Exclusive video of participants

To demonstrate Americans' support for Israel's defensive action against Hamas kidnapping and rocketing of Israeli civilians, L.A. Zionist organizers staged one of the largest, Israel support rallies in the history of L.A., Sunday, July 13th.  The Israel American Council and StandWithUs attracted 1200 and 1800 Israeli-Americans and Zionistic Jews and Christians to attend. Speakers included Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean and founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Roz Rothstein co-founder and CEO of StandWithUs, Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer and Israeli actress and activist Noa Tishby, among others, according to Ryan Torok and Jared Sichel in the L.A. Jewish Journal.

Four Arab Muslim men were arrested for assault with a dangerous weapon after striking some Israeli supporters with their Palestinian flagpoles. A Federal Protective Service officer fired a gunshot to stop the thugs from fleeing.

Several attendees shared their motivation to be there. 
Social-commentator Evan Sayet describes the gathering - and the out-of-context media-bias which has incensed both sides of demonstrators- those to condemn Israel's actions and those who defend them.


Rabbi Moshe Parry says that the I.D.F. must carry-on until they cease Hamas' rocketing abilities.

Jewish-American, Ethan Samuels was wounded by a Palestinian suicide-bomber at Tel Aviv's Dolphinarium Disco.

American student, Sarah, was gashed in the face with a rock thrown by a group of Palestinians weeks ago in Jerusalem.

Shariff "Mordechai" Hazan, who was raised in Sufi-Islam- tries to enlighten liberal-minded people that Hamas is the Jew-hating branch of the global jihad- whose Boko Haram recently enslaved 200-300 African Christian girls into slavery and slaughters Christians throughout Africa and Egypt.

Avichai ben Shmuel says that 3 Arabs driving-by, fired a starter's pistol at some of the Zionists, intending to provoke them into greater violence.  He says what he heard that the L.A.P.D. did.

Pro-Hamas / anti-Israel rallyers held a demonstration at the Israeli Consulate in West Los Angeles on Tuesday, July 8th to protest Israel's striking Hama's human-shield deterents to defensive curtailment of Hamas' rocket-launching. But judging from the participating groups that returned for Sunday's counter-rally, the Muslims' and Communists' (bearing AnswerCoalition placards) over-riding goal is the irredentist, Muslim conquest of capitalistic, Jewish Israel.

Riot-helmeted, L.A. police attempt to keep the pro-Hamas and pro-Zionists apart.


Pro-Palestine protestors stayed organized and on-message in their chants while standing or marching. Unfortunately, they revealed their message was not just against Israel's air-assault on Hamas leadership, but to eliminate the Jewish state entirely.

Political pundit Eric Golub, an author and blogger at Tygrrr Express, characterizes the Hamas supporters' counter-rally as Islamists.

Rabbi Moshe Parry tells the true, Jewish history of the Judea / Palestine which the pro-Hamas protesters are trying to stake claim to.


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