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Borscht Belt documentary "When Comedy Went to School" lets Jewish comics revive good-old days

The birth of modern standup comedy began in the Catskill Mountains. When Comedy Went to School lets comics like Jerry Lewis, Sid Caesar, Jackie Mason, and Robert Klein lead us through the hey-day of the Borscht Belt.

Sandy Hackett (son of Buddy Hackett, and producer of Vegas productions) who appears in the film- interviews filmmakers Mevlut Akkaya (a gentile) and Ron Frank (Jewish) at their premiere in Beverly Hills at the Laemmle Music Hall where the picture screens around L.A. through Thursday 12 Sept.

At L.A. Premier of "When Comedy Went to School," actor Sandy Hackett tells one of his dad's off-color joke's which Tonight Show host, Johnny Carson, wouldn't permit on the air.

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