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Dr. Judea Pearl, presenting Daniel Pearl Award for Journalistic Courage & Integrity, announces new, I.D.C. Institute for Middle East reporting accuracy

In presenting the annual Daniel Pearl Award for courage and integrity in journalism, Judea Pearl (father of murdered American journalist, Daniel Pearl) announces establishment of a new, journalistic institute for Middle East reporting at the I.D.C. in Herzliya, Israel.

At L.A. Press Club June 2013 Awards at the Biltmore Hotel. Prof. Judea Pearl clarifies his remark to the L.A. Press Association Awards that he established the media resource center in Herzliya in response to journalists commonly mischaracterizing Middle East history and parties' roles in reporting.

The awardee, Ciudad Juarez journalist Sandra Rodriguez Nieto, reported on the "Fast and Furious" Obama-armed, drug-mafia in Juarez, Mexico.  
Rodriguez Nieto reported for El Diario newspaper in the Mexican border city of Juárez during a wave of drug violence that resulted in thousands of murders, including two of her colleagues.
"I didn't think a lot about the danger," she said. "I was convinced that my job as a journalist was the most important thing." Rodriguez Nieto uncovered stories of government corruption, failures in the judicial system and wrote a book about how criminal organizations influence the city's youth. (Monica Ortiz Uribe in Fronteras,  April 4 '13) 

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