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Amb. John Bolton: Obama has stalled Israel into pre-empting Iranian nuclear weapons militarily. Blame Obama, not Israel, if they must act to preserve global stability

Israel Day Concert & Rally organizer, Dr. Joe Frager, lauds keynote speaker from Washington, DC, Amb. John Bolton as "One of the smartest men in politics today" before Bolton addressed the gathered audience in Central Park, NYC on 2 June '13.

In this exclusive, JooTube interview, Amb John Bolton declared that the Obama administration must recognize that the commonality of our interests & values drives broad, across-the-board, Americans support for Israel.

In addressing the Israel Day Concert in Central Park, Amb. John Bolton declares that Americans across the board support Israel- at the frontlines of the same Islamist terror war which confronts the rest of the West.

Amb. Bolton denounced the Obama administration for having failed to stop Iran's nuclear weapons program as a global (not only Israeli) threat.  Bolton explains how Obama's failure to stop Iran is destabilizing the Middle East and the world.

Mr. Bolton notable fought to oppose anti-American/anti-Israel malignments during his tenure in the U.N.  Dr. Joe Frager added, "Hopefully he'll become president of the United States, someday."

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