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Israelis join Jews & Christians in confronting their detractors, Islamst / Far-Left antagonists

Maya Hayon, 17, counselor with Israeli Scouts of America
demonstrates support for Israeli Pillar of Defense at L.A. rally

 L.A. riot-squad riflemen close down major intersection to separate factions

As occurred during 2008's Operation Cast Lead, Israel's Operation "Pillar of Defense" to neutralize Hamas' incessant terror rocketing, incites anti-Israel activity on the streets and in the media.  Much of the Hamas provoking Israeli retaliative casualties (and corresponding, western Islamist/anti-Capitalist street protesting) occurs for the purpose of directing the media to vilify Israel and build international pressure against her; and to stimulate public empathy towards the Palestinian Arabs- which generates international aid and political benefits (such as support in the U.N. for Palestinian nationalism- precluding the Oslo obligations for direct negotiations.

Islamist activists groups work hand in hand with sophisticated, far-left activist groups- united in their desire to weaken and assume leadership over capitalist America and Israel. On Thursday eve 15 Nov, an anti-Israel rally was held outside of the new Israeli Consulate location in L.A. by American Muslims for Palestine carrying placards and signs given to them by the far-left ANSWER.  No Israel-advocacy group counter-protested the well-organized (and led chanting) anti-Zionists.  Merely a handful of concerned Jews individually showed-up to counter-protest. 

The anti-Zionist axis is indignant and aggressive- especially as the pro-Israel groups who might come down are reasoning, Jewish-Americans who assume that by declaring that "Israel wants peace" they'll somehow claim the high-ground over ethnic minorities who want to kill them because their fellow colonialist Zionists dispossessed them from their indigenous homeland.  But as this video from Friday's San Francisco Pro-Hamas (meaning anti-Zionist) demonstration shows, perceived weak  counter-protests embolden aggression, such as this anti-Semitic lesbian karate-kicking a 62-year old man in the abdomen.

(video courtesy: Alba 5431)

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While the 4-year old, Israeli Leadership Council, with a membership of Israeli-immigrant Americans, has organized cultural and educational events, on Sunday 18 Nov they joined with Jewish-American groups to come out and rally public support for Israel.  And without a great deal of slogan-chanting organization, while many mothers and daughters sang songs of peace, many of the men (and women)- who are I.D.F. military veterans- felt antagonized by the vitriolic Islamist/Marxists whose protest was smaller and weaker.  Some of the Israelis crossed Wilshire Blvd to get better heard by the anti-Zionists. And there were only a few police there (unlike Thursday night) and a scuffle broke out in which an Arab slipped, but police and private security separated the small group.

Tempers flare at pro-Israel rally in Los Angeles -
(Courtesy IsraeliRally)  

L.A. pro/anti-Israel rally draws menacing response towards Jews from police 

Do the Israelis and Zionists (several Christians joined the Jewish Americans) have a right to be able to assemble without being intimidated by the militaristic conduct of the police which ensued?  StandWithUs leader, Roz Rothstein told JooTube that the police wanted to disperse the pro-Israel crowd- and asked her to do it from the police car megaphone. Most complied, though there were a few who lingered in the parking lot of the Federal Building - the same lot in which many of the aggressive Islamists & Leftists needed to enter to get their cars out.  The police created a protective circle around them and escorted them to the lot- backed by the rifle wielding riot-squad.

Not that the Muslims really had any reason to fear in the parking lot.  But will the Israeli-immigrants continue to put a little skin in the game?  And how will they influence the tone of representing the Jewish community against anti-Zionist, Jew-hate rallies- which, in war times, can morph into pogroms? 
Proud, Israeli-American young people the police separated the Islamo-Marxists from

StandWithUs co-leader Roz Rothstein reflects on the pro-Israel gathering, the Islamo-Leftist counter-protest, and the  militaristic police response.

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