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TV series enlightens to the perils of the Islamist-tolerant, Obama Admin to freedom and safety for America, the Middle East, Jews, and Christians

In the DemoCast original documentary series, "Israel Under Obama," a trip through the first term of the pro-Palestinian, soft-on-Iran Obama Administration shows how it imperils Israel, America & the world.   The original documentary series was broadcast over the month leading up to the presidential election- nation-wide on Jewish Life TV (JLTV) and LegacyTV (now also known as The Walk.TV) and 3 episodes are here for you to view.

Episode 1: Despite the campaign pomp & ceremony, the reality of the Islamo-Marxism flourishing under Obama means trouble for democracy in the Middle East. Luminaries include Jon Voight, Michael Medved, John Bolton, Bob Kunst, show and tell the breakdown of Zionist safety and trust by Obama's leftist undermining of Israel's security. (28 min)

In Episode 2 of "Israel under Obama" here (in 3 sequential segments in this window) actor Ed Ames, Canadian Parliamentarian Irwin Cotler, and Investors' Business Daily's Monica Showalter evaluate Obama's handling of Israel's safety vis a vis Palestine and Iran -  and its ramifications.  Also, commentary from Zion Oil and Gas chairman John Brown, Chaim ben Pesach, leader of the Jewish Task Force, Rabbi Moshe Parry, and Eric Jones of Bonhoeffer's Dream defending Israel at an anti-Sharia rally at Dearborn, Michigan's City Hall.

Watch the concluding Episode 3 of  Israel under Obama, "Hearken!  Modern-day prophets caution us to the perils Obama

Episode 3: Jewish & Christian activists have taken steps to alert voters to perils of empowering Obama's philo-Islamist agenda - since the 2008 presidential campaign. Most liberals have shut their eyes. Rabbi Moshe Parry endeavors to open liberal Jewish donors' (and voters') ears at the visit of Pres. Obama to a Hollywood fundraiser. A Hal Lindsey Ministries Christian minister appeals to voters Americans to protect Israel by denying Obama a second, more perilous term.

Former presidential hopeful, Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, condemns the Obama Administration for breaking with Washington's historic relationship with Israel and championing Islamist revolutionaries. The late Andrew Breitbart discussed with DemoCast Obama's hidden personal history holds his pro-Palestinianist/Leftist, anti-Zionist upbringing. He praises conservative Christians for valuing Israel in their voting, more than liberal Jews- dedicated more to social issues.

Rabbi David Algaze, Jon Voight, Ed Ames, Obama's rabbi cousin in the concluding segment of "Israel under Obama." What transformed Barry Soetoro into Barack Hussein Obama? With so much undisclosed about him- except his demonstrated transforming the Middle East into Islamist-dominated societies- how can we risk he and Valerie Jarret won't continue "running interference" for Iran to nuclear weaponize - and be used to nuclear-blackmail the world?  Rabbis David Algaze, Rabbi Moshe Parry, Obama's cousin Rabbi Funnye, actors Ed Ames and Jon Voight all espouse their observations about the Obama Administration's ideology and renewing its reign.

["Israel under Obama" was drawn from DemoCast's 29-hours of original, on-location (in Nashville, Florida, Washington, New York City, Dearborn, Michigan, and Los Angeles), video footage filmed since the 2008 Presidential campaign.]

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