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Jewish support for Mitt Romney growing. Informed couple explain why prefer Romney to manage the next 4-years

Jewish support for Obama has been slipping recently. A tracking poll published Thursday by TIPP for Investors' Business Daily shows the hard-to-believe statistic of 44% support for Mitt Romney among likely Jewish voters, versus 40% for Obama, with 16% undecided.

In September, the TIPP poll gave him 59% versus 35% for Romney. That in itself was seen as quite an accomplishment for Romney. It was not far from the 40 percent number in support of Dwight Eisenhower recorded by Jews in 1956, which was the highest backing by Jews for a Republican in nearly a century.

What inspires educated Jews to prefer to replace Barack H. Obama with for Mitt Romney this election?  Los Angeles couple, Samuel and Ardyth Freshman, share their thinking about Obama vs Romney in this candid interview:

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