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Explosion at Chabad of Santa Monica triggers a bonfire of vanities from all sides; But will it awaken Jews to confront the tide against us?

Fire fighters work atop a roof next door to
the Chabad House in S. Monica.
(Photo: KTLA Live Video)
The Chabad of Santa Monica synagogue was one of the targets of an American-Muslim, homegrown terror plot which was reported about in DemoCast.com 4-years ago.

The phenomenology surrounding today's news about a real explosion at the Santa Monica Chabad illuminates perspectives which warrant analysis.

From an objective view - about the media-incited atmosphere conducive for hostile attacks against Jewish interests - and the gut reaction that an explosion at a Chabad would be a "hate-crime" or act of terrorism.

From the media's perspective - how eager they are to deny that it would be a hate-crime or terror-act (presumably committed by a militant Muslim) thereby negating their beliefs of Jewish-overreaction; or their fear that Islamophobia is a rational fear and really not racism.

And from Jews' perspectives - either an invalidation of the idealistic rationale that we are accepted as Americans and don't have anything to fear, provide deterrence against, or avenge against our enemies. As Rabbi Issac Levitansky once told me when I requested armed security be posted outside the synagogue during High Holy Day services "Even if anyone were to attempt to harm us, Hashem will protect us."  Another Jewish reaction is the rude proof that our enemies are not subscribing to our fantasy, and that naturally an explosion at a Chabad would be an act of  terrorism against Jews.

Particularly now, in the wake of the media and political complacency following the Samaria massacre of the Fogel Family of Itamar, Samaria, (when CNN's Piers Morgan interviewed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with impudence and without chastisement) there is an atmosphere that Jews are 'fair game.' Guy Milliere addressed this issue yesterday in his essay in Hudson New York, listed below.

The Real Meaning of the Murders in Israel by Guy Milliere in Hudson-New York  April 6, 2011

While so many tragedies and disruptions have fallen on Japan and the Middle East in recent weeks, a singular event went almost unnoticed: the extermination of a Jewish family in Itamar, Samaria.Although this event could seem insignificant -- there were only five victims -- it was nevertheless indicative of what is at stake in the Middle East, and how the world views it.
The borders between anti-Semitism and "anti-Zionism" are increasingly blurred, perhaps allowing Europeans feel less guilty about what they or their parents did in World War II. If Zionists are Racists and Jews are Nazis, then Europe can tell itself that it actually did the world a favor by sending six million sub-humans to crematoriums.
In this context, neither photos of babies whose throats have been slit, nor facts, nor any kind of proof even count anymore. If the trend continues, they will mean even less.
Other books, by writers such as Natan Sharansky, Léon Poliakov, Alan Dershowitz and Giulio Meotti speak of "demonization," and explain how it works: portraying people, such as the Jews in Europe, as less than human, preceded and made possible the slaughter that followed. Israel is now treated as "the Jew among nations." The intentions of the killers are clear and unambiguous: They would like to be able to commit genocide. What they lack is not the will, but the means.
Those in the West who remain silent about that willingness, who refuse to see even the most damning evidence put before their eyes, are accomplices.
The massacre of Itamar, the way it was minimized or widely ignored by politicians and the media, showcases the distressing degree to which attitudes have shifted towards what cannot, indeed, be called anything other than complicity. 
If the number of Jews killed is not higher, it is not because the desire to kill them is lower; it is only because the hatred has yet to spread some more, and the means to commit mass murder is not – yet – in the hands of those who would like to carry out these acts.

This follows Barry Rubin's theory about the media's downplaying that Egypt's revolts might benefit Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood.
I now understand that the purpose of the mass media is to report on things that don’t fit the agenda only after they have happened and are so blindingly obvious that ignoring them is impossible. Oh yes, and by then it’s also too late to avoid catastrophes.
In their inability to distinguish Islamism from Islam, the press mollifies the public to the realities of Islamism (including its anti-Semitic precepts), resulting in the perception that Jews are "crying-wolf" flingers of anti-Semitism allegations, while Islamists exploit the absence of deterrence as open playing field for Islamism and anti-Semitism to thrive in liberal society.

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