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Christian media luminaries encourage Christians to visit Israel, support the Jewish people and Jewish self-determination

Religious media producers and distributors from around the world convened for the 2011 National Religious Broadcasters (N.R.B.) Association conference in Nashville, Tennessee over the weekend of Feb 26, 2011.

According to the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, while Jewish tourists accounted for 39% of the 2.7 million visitors to Israel, Christians in 2009 accounted for 54%. In its outreach to the Christian market, Israel's Ministry of Tourism provided an Israel Prayer Breakfast at the N.R.B. featuring Israeli culture and talks by Christian leaders about Israel's spiritual and experiential value. JooTube spoke with some of the Christian luminaries regarding their relationship with the Jewish State.
Dr. Frank Wright, NRB President

NRB President Dr. Frank Wright extols Israel as a transformational destination for Christians, encourages pilgrimages, and endorses the close relationship between Christians and the Jewish State.

Kay Arthur, Precept Ministries

Mrs. Kay Arthur of Precept Ministries cautions that any nation or politician which attempts to intervene in Jewish guardianship of the land of Israel (including removing Jews to provide Muslims exclusivity) defies G-d's will and provokes G-d's wrath.

Rev. Robert A. Schuller

Rev. Robert A. Schuller delineates several reasons why he encourages all Christians to visit Israel as a spiritually transformational experience which influences their understanding of life.

Dr. Woodrow Kroll of "Back to the Bible"

Back to the Bible's Dr. Woodrow Kroll, who has traveled to Israel more than 40-times, presents a comprehensive overview of a Christian's responsibility to support Israel, the Jewish people, and Jews' sovereignty over Israel.

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