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Rabbi Meir Kahane's spiritual teachings - the authentic, "Jewish Idea" explored in Los Angeles at at 20-year yahrtzeit of his martyring

Jews in Los Angeles gathered to commemorate the 20th Yarhtzeit of the assassinated Rabbi Meir Kahane (zecher tzadik v'kadosh l'brachah). In these 2 videos, Rabbi Moshe Parry delivers a treatise on Rav Kahane's Magnum Opus, "The Jewish Idea," which interprets Jewish liturgy into a philosophy for living.

Rabbi Aaron Parry, scholar and teacher, teaches about the Rabbi Meir Kahane we never knew - a Tzadik, an historic teacher and leader of the Jewish nation.

Jerry Bloom tells how Rav Kahane changed his life:

Heshy Rosenwasser's first-hand experience learned that Rav. Kahane led by example:

The young generation was represented by Moti Cohen, who tells of how Kahane's ideas are still growing throughout Israel:

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