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A new "Moses" blares shofar to awaken Obama in motorcade and his Jewish supporters

Pres. Barack Obama's arrival in L.A. was met with a shofar (ram's horn) blare from orthodox Rabbi Moshe Parry of L.A. The metaphysical blare was intended to be a Jewish alarm-clock awakening for the President, his gathering donors (many of whom are Jewish in the entertainment-industry) who gather to fete and fund him, and for you, the viewer - as to the misguidedness of Obama's Adminstration's pandering to Islamism - especially at the peril of the safety of America's Mid-East ally, Israel, against a pan-Islamic enemy, and the threats which a state of Palestine would pose to Israel, its pilgrim Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, and emboldening the global Jihad against the West.

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