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True Zionist Leaders' Audio from 'Jerusalem Conference'

'The West is Suffering Effects of Global Jihad's Psychological Warfare to Demoralize and Remake the West under Their Control' - Londonistan author, Melanie Phillips.

Ms. Phillips lays out the cognitive dissonance Israel faces among the Anglo-sphere. And what little Britain's Jews do to help their image-crisis.

Audiocast from the recent Jerusalem Conference, courtesy of Israel National Radio. Select Download from Radio News Highlights menu in left column.

She says, "The bottom line is that the global Islamic jihad is threatening the entire free world, and it is succeeding, and we don't even know what has hit us! Britain is sliding into Islamicization, because of a strategy outlined decades ago by the Islamic Brotherhood, which says: You set up your institutions, you then use the mores of your designated country to give you more and more, you Islamicize the country, and then you take it over.

The central point of this strategy is the demoralization caused by the intellectual confusion
brought on by the psychological warfare, the essence of which is that the victims have no idea of what is being done to them. Britain doesn't get it, at all. Israel doesn't get it. We must fight against their verbal fire - and realize that if our minds are enslaved, then our bodies will be
next. Israel is obligated, using our traditional skill with words, to retake the battlefield of ideology and of the mind - and win."

Israel National News' Hillel Fendel summarizes that Conference session on Israel's Public Relations Efforts, featuring a panel including former MK Elyakim HaEtzni, Isi Leibler, Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, and Tzafrir Ronen.

HaEtzni presented his thesis that the simple explanation for Israel's failure at effective PR is "pathological. Israel is sick, with a condition called 'Jewish self-hatred,' and this phenomenon must be investigated... For 2,000 years, the world has been telling us that we're no good - so finally, like a child who receives only criticism, he naturally begins to believe he is no good! In addition, there is something in the Jewish religion that is very noble, but that if taken too far, can be dangerous. Other nations, when they are hit, blame the hitter - but we always blame ourselves; we ask what we did wrong. "

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