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Pallywood on Trial - Hear Prof. Landes' blow-by-blow recounting of France2's Enderlin vs. Philippe Karsenty al-Durah Affair trial

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Pajamas Media's Roger L. Simon delivers The Augean Stable/ Second Draft's Prof. Richard Landes audio-blogging from the Paris appellate libel trial of anti-Semitism watchdog, Philippe Karsenty being sued by France2 tele-journalist, Charles Enderlin.

In the latest podcasts from Richard Landes, news is not as good for Karsenty. At the end of today’s session - the last before the reading of the verdict iin a few weeks - the Avocat Générale gave a closing statement unfavorable to the French media gadfly. Very rarely, said, Landes are the opinions of the Advocate Générale overturned by the judges in a French court. Listen to the podcasts below for details.

Highlights of the al Dura Video story

Click here to download mp3 audio file of 3rd and final telephone podcast from Paris.


DemoCaster said...

So what if al-Dura was staged? Read this:


Iron Chef Kosher! said...

Israel better get cracking on this media war she's long been losing.