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Zionistic-Americans vent consternation at Palestinian war-crime atrocities & abductions - at W. Los Angeles protest

Hamas' terror invasion of Israel massacred, abducted, and rocketed civilians (photo: AllSides)

On October 7th, a Palestinian Hamas-led invasion and rocketing of Israel shocked the world. Casualties exceeded 1,200 Israeli and foreign-national people, including 260 attendees of the Supernova Dance-music festival. At least 5,100 other people were wounded around the country. Approximately 240 others were abducted into Gaza as hostages.

The next day, Los Angeles, the city with the largest community of ex-pat Iranian Jews and Israeli-Americans, local activists called an impromptu rally, which drew a large crowd of both Jews and Gentiles to two corners of the Federal Building.

Jewish, Christian, and Israeli-Americans outraged at Islamist Palestinians savaging 100's of innocent Jewish civilian families call for activism against the vilifying of Jewish retaliation against Islamist atrocities.


The first speaker we interviewed discusses the aftermath of the prior day's Islamist massacre and how it highlights the importance of the message of "never again." He emphasizes that the Islamic-backed groups that carried out the attack in Israel are no different from the Nazis and that they are being funded and trained by Iran and its proxies. He also talks about how the release of $6 billion to Iran, how it can be utilized for terror purposes, and used against innocent people in such cases. 

He asserts that the responsibility for the bloodshed in Israel on the day after the attack falls on the government, and that the message being sent to the Muslim world is that people are not condemning the attack enough.

This Iranian-Israeli man expresses concern about the recent anti-Semitic demonstrations in Los Angeles and argues that it is the responsibility of the government to protect the Jewish community and give out harsher sentences to those guilty of such crimes.
A local judges' jail-avoiding sentence for a group of Muslim thugs who beat up Jews at a cafe 2-years ago is empowering those that seek the destruction of the Jewish community, he feels.

Zionistic protesters of atrocity-committing Palestinians on Jewish babies rebuff Islamist-antagonist


Muslim foreign student to UCLA lashes out at Jewish-Amers protesting Palestinians' massacring of civilian, Jewish Israelis. Jewish builder rebuffs Muslim antagonizing protest of Jihadists torturing US& Israeli civilian hostages,


Why a San Fernando Valley builder pushed-back on an agitated Muslim-Kuwaiti man about to invade the Zionists sidewalk. Iranian-American man concurs with Nikki Haley: 'Finish-off the Islamists before they conquer more democracies.'


Jewish, Iranian and Israeli Americans denounce Democrat support for Iran-backed, Islamist Palestinians  

  • 00:00:00 Mr. Yehuda from Los Angeles expresses his frustration with the Biden Administration's promise to release $6 billion to Iran, which was then reappropriated by the Iranian government to support Hamas and their military activities. He criticizes Secretary of State Blinken's argument that the money was Iran's own funds, stating that regardless of its location, Iran would redistribute money from other sources to fund terrorism. Yehuda believes that the Biden Administration's support for Israel is not reflected in their actions, and he accuses them of making poor decisions. He points out that similar actions were taken by the Obama Administration, and warns Jewish Americans about the consequences of their votes. He implores them to wake up and not let the bloodshed in Israel be on their conscience. Yehuda argues that the Biden Administration and Democrat voters should be ashamed of their role in the current situation and emphasizes the need to freeze the $6 billion to weaken the Iranian regime.

  • 00:05:00 In this section, the Jewish-Iranian and Israeli-American man discusses his dual identity and their belief in Zionism, which asserts that Jewish people have the right to their own homeland in Israel. He argues that Islamic Jihad poses a serious threat to Jews and Western civilization as a whole. They also mention the similarities between the attacks on September 11th and the ongoing attacks against Israel, highlighting the concept of the "great Satan" (America) and the "little Satan" (Israel) in the eyes of jihadists. He expresses concerns about the influence of radical Islam in Europe and argues for stricter measures against terrorism, including implementing a death penalty for terrorists and shutting down institutions that incite violence. Additionally, he addresses the issue of Palestinian refugees and suggests that they could have found refuge in other Muslim-majority countries.

  • 00:10:00 In this section, Yehuda expresses his frustrations and concerns about the treatment of Jews in the Middle East and North Africa. He argues that they have been the real victims, having lost their properties and being forced to leave everything behind. He  proposes the idea of an exchange of populations as a solution and rejects the two-state solution as unrealistic. He also discusses the potential danger faced by Iranian Jews and whether it is time for them to leave before they become hostages.

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