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How Zionistic analysts assessed prospective candidates at the Republican Jewish Coalition gathering

Two socio-political analysts, Guy Milliere, a gentile, French law professor who relocated to Nevada, and Ken Abramowitz, an American biotech market analyst with interest foreign policy affecting the Israeli markets.

Question: What are your perceptions of this gathering for the RJC Republican Jewish Coalition gathering of Republican and Conservative politicians and luminaries? 

French socio-political analyst Guy Milliere: I think it was a great event especially now because we start to have hope after the nightmare of the elections of 2020 and I could see that many Republican politicians have real hope and they are right. I think that in 2022 it could be a landslide for for Republicans because Biden is creating disasters everywhere inside of the United States, in Afghanistan, in the Middle East with what he is doing about Iran, and I think that it's very scary to see what he is doing. And personally, I'm afraid of what he still can do before the election of 2022! And I could say that there were great speeches - the best speech (according to me) was a Ted Cruz speech because he was very powerful and he explained very well the situation in the Middle East. He explained, too, why Donald Trump was bold, courageous to do what he did - because he had many obstacles in front of him - but he decided to do it anyway. And he explained very clearly that it was Donald Trump himself (against many other people in his administration) who decided to withdraw from the Iran Deal and who decided to install the American Embassy into Jerusalem!  And he explained very well that doing that pushed Arab countries to decide to have a better relations with Israel. 

So it was the elements that led to the Abraham Accords so it was a very good speech! I would say that this morning, Gov. Ron DeSantis gave a good speech, too. He spoke about what he did in Florida and he did many good things!  I think that he'ss one of the best - maybe the best governor in the united states right now! So he also spoke about the Middle East but he spoke mostly about what he did and I think that it's becoming- you have the election of 2024 very soon.

KEN ABRAMOWITZ Question: so the republican jewish coalition is having its first conference since the passing of sheldon adelson there were tributes to him here um but the jewish community is still divided in fact if anything it's adversarial between the left and the right what took place here that was encouraging to you well it was encouraging to see almost 700 people come together after uh covet and trying to leave kovat behind it it was uh a relatively uniform uh flat base of people uh we remember about 30 percent of jews are republicans so only that 30 showed up the other 70 percent who are democrats did not show up so therefore it was a unity of purpose for a republican republicans and and it was great to see um you mentioned uh 30 are republicans uh or at least is that how the vote uh the presidential election went yes that's the number that i saw in the newspaper of the percentage who voted for uh president trump now I heard in virginia uh it went up 10 points to closer to 40 percent for yonkan that in in in florida at the last election for president trump was around 45 percent so I i keep watching the number to see if it gets over 50 it should actually be the uh it should be the opposite and the jews should be voting 70 for republicans 30 for democrats so uh that should flip over time because that's roughly what the percentage is in israel and so we in america should approach the 70 30 split between what's called right wing I just call it normal versus left wing which I call abnormal uh were there highlights of this conference to you in terms of takeaway and the the impact that it might have on either the jewish vote or the disproportionate uh jewish donation to the republican cause well we all have to become more educated in a democracy democracies function based on people who are educated who make who elect people who can represent them well so we collectively just had a good education for 700 people who can now go home to their children grandchildren to their relatives to their friends and be better communicators than they could have been before there didn't seem to be a groundswell of support for a trump re-election at this convention what was your sense of it well the trump issue didn't come up that much because trump wasn't here he was here by video but not here in person and the speakers really didn't address that sensitive issue of were they pro-trump sort of pro-trump not pro-trump and so it didn't come up as an issue really and I think people didn't want it to come up as an issue personally it should have been more of an issue but uh again as as the republicans want to appeal to a broader base of independence i think there's anxiety by the politicians that if they become too pro pro trump so to speak then independents might they might lose some independence so it's a political game that's played vice president former vice president mike pence spoke here and uh he has been out of the public eye largely and made a strong showing in a way that might have positioned him for a possible primary run for president in 2024. what was your sense of that well we had a num number of potential candidates for president and uh of course the biggest issue is is president trump going to run and then the secondary issue is if he doesn't run who will he anoint or appoint or bless so so to speak and the two best candidates are ron desantis who was here in mike pompeo who is not here and then there's a whole variety of uh other candidates who want to have the uh blessing of trump or not the blessing of trump and want to run so pompeo would be in that category along with nikki haley would be in that category of people who are on the outs with trump because they they misunderstood january 6th and they blame trump for january 6 when it was really nancy pelosi who should be blamed for january 6. the insurrection was not an insurrection it was the demonstration but but the the chaos that did result uh was due to the fbi working with the capitol police working with nancy pelosi to create chaos and then blame president trump so they framed president trump but 80 of the people believe that president trump was involved they they don't believe or understand or know or think that nancy pelosi was the key culprit in january 6. you mentioned three important dates that you think that republicans or that were key in the uh trump loss if you consider it to be a legitimate loss well the three key dates in rep modern republican history that have to be understood and enunciated and confronted for the next presidential candidate are roughly october of 2019 when I believe uh china declared biological war against the united states by unleashing the covet virus then the other big date and by accident i think it escaped by accident and then they had about a week to make a decision do they contain the accident within china or do they export the act so to speak accident and I think they made the decision to export the accident so to speak with the fore knowledge or participation or complicity of the democrat party that's interesting I asked myself that that question the democrat party well first the ccp chinese communist party unleashed it to gain a regime change so to speak of in america well the democrats also wanted so to speak regime change so whether the two coordinated their activities or whether the democrat party just took advantage of the ccp virus i'm not sure my guess is they they were not working in cahoots with the chinese they just took advantage of the virus virus china took advantage of and then the democrat party saw an opportunity to take advantage of the virus independently the other two important days are november 3 when I believe the democrat party stole the election 2020 yes of 2020 in six swing states and then there was the january six which we discussed which was the so-called insurrection which was really a democrat operation which they used to frame trump so my feeling is that the next republican presidential candidate whether it's trump or or somebody else will have to have an opinion on those three issues and if they're wrong on any one of those three issues they're finished meaning that they won't get uh adequate popular support right they won't get adequate popular support if they're wrong on one of those three issues so so far nikki haley and pence have been wrong on january 6th and therefore I don't think that they have will have the excitement to become the next presidential campaign unless they apologize i wish they could which they could it's very easy all you have to do is say more evidence came to my attention I didn't know this or this or that or that and as a result I now realize president trump was was not involved in the so-called insurrection that it was a a normal demonstration that got out of control thanks to what the democrats did by inviting 30 or so a busload of antifa thugs to invade the capital working with my guests as five corrupt capital policemen to create a chaotic scene and then they blame trump for it all they have to do is say that came to my attention I didn't know it before i apologize to president trump nancy pelosi was the culprit and when I become president i'm going to make sure nancy pelosi is out of power and should also be arrested for um high crimes and misdemeanors of what she did if people wanted to follow more of your writings or thinking where would they find you i have two websites two public service websites savethewest.com which gives a full understanding of national security challenges and citizens for national security where i'm also the chairman which gives a military-focused analysis of our challenges both of them will are designed to educate the public about issues both of them are not as much political as you might think they're really educational organizations to help americans learn what they're not going to learn on so to speak normal television news shows

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