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Improve your fate for the coming year - atoning on Hoshana Raba at Happy Minyan of L.A.

The four species: Willow leaves (aravah), date-palm tree frond
(lulav), myrtle tree bough w/leaves, and citron-tree fruit (etrog)

 The holiday of Sukkos concludes on Hoshana Raba - the 4th and final "Day of Awe" which precedes Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah. It  provides us another milestone opportunity to have heaven hear our prayers for forgiveness of our sins - promises to do better in the new year - before the angels carry out your decree.

Cantor Yehuda Solomon shakes his lulav
towards the sky seen through the sukkah

At the annual Hoshana Rabah service at L.A.'s Happy (Carlebach) Minyan in 2020, Rabbi Aaron Parry and Cantor Yehuda Solomon teach us their thoughts about Hoshana Raba, the concept of "Mechilah" (which means
seeking forgiveness) - and how long beyond Yom Kippur may we still influence our fate for the coming year? Does Hoshana Rabah serve as a book-sealing - or do we have until Chanukah, or beyond?

Rabbi Aaron Parry has since moved up to learn (and continue teaching from) the biblical and still spiritual city of Tsfat in northern Israel.

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