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'How Kahane's assassination relates to Pittsburgh's shul massacre Nov. 1990' - terror eyewitness

11 Jewish congregants were killed at Pittsburgh's Etz Chaim Synagogue
On Rav Meir Kahane's 28th yahrzeit, in the wake of the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre, former Jewish Defense Leaguers Fern Sidman and Shannon Taylor assess the state of anti-Semitism from the far-right and the far-left. Was Pittsburgh massacrist Robert Bowers inspired by Pres. Donald Trump? Is Pres. Trump anti-Semitic? A friend or foe of Zionists?

Rabbi Meir Kahane's Jewish Defense League rallied for police
protections, deploying civic patrols and retaliatory deterrents
The Pittsburgh Etz Chaim synagogue massacre occurred near this week of Rav Meir Kahane and Yitzchak Rabin assassinations, and Kristalnacht. On the 28th anniversary of the assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane, acolyte Mr. Shannon Taylor recalled in video the context of the event and its aftermath. He assesses the Kahane and Jewish Defense League legacy in Jewish leadership today.
Recorded November, 2018 in Manhattan.

Question: This is the 28th commemoration of the night of the assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane. What was the event like to your recollection?

Mr. Shannon Taylor, eyewitness
to Islamist assassination of
JDL leader Rabbi Meir Kahane

Taylor: I've been, as I said, on every unhappy event that ever would take place. I was also at Avery Fisher Hall when Arafat came in with his two guns - and Bruce Teitelbaum and Suri Kasira and Mayor Guiliani's head staff, Mastro, the new chief of staff told me he was there with his guns. I was the first to challenge him and I was going to take the picture of a lifetime like I took the picture for evidence of the assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane on November 5th 1990 at 9:00 p.m. at the Marriott Hotel not too far from here on the eastside. But I was so mad at Arafat I couldn't concentrate on the picture and I took his ponytails. And the result was that I'm still looking for jobs because I could have retired on that picture. 

But every Jew in that place hugged him. They hugged Arafat, the same ones who condemned Kahane and wouldn't have him in B'nai Zion-invited Arafat in the B'nai Zion when he was on that tour. He was uninvited to Avery Fisher Hall and after I challenged him, Rudy Guiliani (to his credit and he got credit from all over the world for this because I put the story in the Post enough the New York Times) Rudy Giuliani summarily threw him out he left with a whimper.

Florence Schwartz (left) and Izzy Katz (right) comforts Rabbi Meir Kahane, whom Islamist, El Sayyid Nosair shot
through the neck at the east-side Marriott in Manhattan in the first Islamist terror attack on US soil. Police had no translators for his Arabic documents containing plans to blow-up the WTC. (Photo: Shannon Taylor) 
And on Kahane's assassination, I want you to know the police station was no more than five minutes away- but it took 20 minutes for them to get there. And the detectives have since been dishonorably  investigated. And they commingled all the evidence the Homeland Security took away every evidence that was relevant. I went to Jeff Sessions who was the head of the FBI who believed me it was a conspiracy. As did the A.D.A. Greenbaum from Morgenthau's office. And Sessions was fired by Clinton because he didn't want to have anything to do with fighting terrorists. And then New York was supposed to be a terrorist-ridden city , so they didn't publicize anything the stories died away and Nosair was acquitted the first time!

Question: What was the scene like?

Well, picture that synagogue today in Pittsburgh. Picture a guy in a civilian crowd well nobody has a gun (except my friend Ralph Elder who had just left). And in comes a gunman and shoots him right square in the face where I was standing. And I was taken away from security so this could be done. So you wonder about the security, you wonder about the enforcement. But Kahane was so strong and so healthy at 58 - 10-years younger than Meir when Meir died that his heart beat for another hour.

But the same Jewish doctors who couldn't save him - saved his assassinator, Nosair.
El Sayyid Nosair mugshot 1993
And Nosair said it was a Jew killed him, it was a Jew! And counselor a Jew came to defend him when Ron Kuby who was not a Jew but pretended to be a Jew and a member of the JDL. It was the farce of farces - on one side were all of Al Qaeda . Everybody involved in the bombing in 9/11 was there protesting in favor of the assassination of Kahane. And everybody who was a righteous Jew was on the other side protesting them!

And when the sentence came down that acquitted the murderer of the murder that everybody knew he did, even Schlessinger, my mother-in-law's opera mate, who I had a sit next to the judge who never got certiorari after that to stay on longer, he said the verdict make no sense and  because of the evidence I had of the gun that I saw Nosair had (I took a picture of he spent another year and a half in jail) and so they had the evidence when in '93 the World Trade Center blew up the first time to keep him there after that event and then read in Arabic what they should have read in the beginning. It' still didn't help them for 9/11.  No matter how many times I warn the mayor and his staff and them and the FBI and so on they were all blind deaf and dumb as they are today - except for Trump.

Trump is the only person who was seeing and hearing and knows. And because all the villains of the world know he knows - they condemn him instead of saying "come and rescue us! Come bring in more terrorists! Don't keep them out!" This is the Jewish organizations' answer. And there's a protest tomorrow for Trump, so we're on the streets, too.

Question: Who's on the streets?

The ones who believe in the Trump administration, that America protects Jews at it did my father who performed the French and American armies and in the resistance and the Israeli independence War. He came here found a marvelous life in this marvelous country and these bastards are not going to ruin it. And the media that protects them is not going to ruin it. And the politicians on the Left are not gonna ruin it. They are losing - they will lose, they will always lose. Am Yisrael Chai! As Carlebach wrote for Meir Kahane's rescue of Soviet Jews.  

Question: Do you believe there was a conspiracy to hide El Sayid Nosair's notes about leading to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing?

No question that there was a conspiracy and the death of Meir and Binyamin Kahane. Binyamin killed on the Millennium and Israel and Meir killed November 5th, 1990. But it was not a conspiracy to conceal the notes the notes were there nobody wanted to read them nobody in law enforcement bothered. I went to every . . .

I went to every law-enforcement agency the Federals confiscated most of it and they didn't have Arabic translators. And Morganthau's office was convinced it was one person on Prozac. Like the one who downed the Egyptian airplane who was out of a job and who was in fact an emissary of the PLO.  

Etz Chaim synagogue massacre memorial
These are not lone soldiers! They are part of conspiracies with deep money and deep training. And the one who went into the (Pittsburgh) temple today was an assassin! He had us he had rifles and handguns and only experts use! And he led his men know and his women know who watch his blog that this is the day and we're too dumb to recognize it or take it seriously! Meir Kahane took it seriously, as did Shlomo Carlebach. They brought Jews to Judaism, they said not one inch from Israel, and they would have protected us today - but we don't have any Jews today to protect us anywhere!

I might add that Dov Hikind was in the forefront of always protecting Jews. And he was there in Crown Heights when the locals went up against us and the Mayor Dinkins and his staff were told by Governor Cuomo to do nothing. So if you're expecting protection from government, or you're expecting protection from your friends, you're not gonna get it.

Speaks with my father's voice who went through everything, that God Almighty should see us through. We have the strength and the intelligence and the ingenuity to overcome all adversity - but we don't have the ability to confront ourselves. We have to, somehow or other , put reason in the minds of people who are normally reasonable. To see who the enemy is -  that this is not an Orwellian world - that there is right and wrong there are no gray areas where events like this take place. The assassination of Kahane or the death of Carlebach, where they should have had a defibrillator on the plane. Now he would have been alive today and now they do. And certainly not a synagogue that should have had guns.

But I want to make one last point- that Cincinnati, that everybody talks about. The Democratic mayor the Democratic white mayor of Cincinnati allowed the Nazis to hold submachine guns in front of the synagogue doors.

Question: No, you mean Charlottesville?

Yes, Charlottesville. I love Cincinnati of course, it has challenged me but I love Jefferson. So they allowed the machine guns in front of the synagogue doors the entire morning and that's the responsibility of the mayor and his police to have removed them. And the Jews had to go out through the back. But our days of going out through the back or depending on law enforcement are over! We are now going to take ourselves very seriously against our own enemy and against the enemy from outside. And I put my faith and trust in this administration with Trump and Governor Cuomo - because they are both very good friends of the Jews and have always been."

Fern Sidman, editor-in-chief of the Jewish Voice of New York weekly newspaper (and former activist with Rabbi Meir Kahane joins the discussion).

Ex-JDL'ers on Kahane's yahrzeit- anti-semitism on the Left and Right, but is Pittsburgh Trump's fault?

Taylor: Obviously no one ever condemned anti-semitism from a White House stronger than Trump. Certainly not FDR- who sent six million Jews to their death- happily! And it's certainly not Truman who begrudgingly allowed Israel a few months to breath. No, this is the finest president for Jews and the most against hate. And this guy (Bowers) has hate-sites of Trump on his web.  He has said over and over again that Trump is a globalist and not a nationalist. He would never have voted for him. And the other guy, with his silly pipe-bombs that don't explode because he doesn't know what he's doing and wasn't meant to-  he was a hanger-on who wasn't the supporter either he just a hanger-on like the guy who followed John Lennon for six months until he shot him. You have to understand that these are maneuvers used against us, against the Jews, against the Trump administration (who is a best friend of Israel ever) to try and derail momentum before the midterms.  That's what this is. These are not isolated acts and they're certainly not done by Trump people. Rather quite the contrary so on this night of Rabbi Kahane's yahrzeit.

Question: What words would you have for Jews who are feeling sympathy, obviously at this time and don't have an outlet for expressing their indignation against this anti-semitism?

Fern Sidman:  Look, Jews can always have an outlet for expressing their indignation. You know Jews are great writers, they can be on radio programs, they can organize within themselves. They can realize that self-defense is not something that's verboten- that's not something that's evil. That Rabbi Kahane implored Jews to learn to use guns to defend themselves. And I think it's very important for American Jews to realize that the alarming escalation of Jew-hatred didn't just happen yesterday or the day before. It's been slowly percolating over the last few decades.
Fern Sidman, Editor-in-Chief,
Jewish Voice of New York

It's high time for Jews to realize that the real enemies, the ones who are fomenting anti-semitism in the world, yes are the sick hate-filled people like Bowers. But the real enemy are the BDS movement that has taken over our college campuses. Every single campus has an Israel Apartheid Week. Mr. Taylor, I'm sure, will elaborate on his recent experiences at Columbia University. BDS to those folks who don't know is Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel. It's a movement that was created to economically, academically, culturally,  politically boycott Israel.

Question: But are you saying that the that the BDS movement is a bigger problem than outright anti-semitism from the far left and far right well I think that the anti-semitism from the far left especially I mean we're talking about the ante for people and the far right has all got it is be the wind beneath their wings is the BDS movement the fact that you see with a person says look I'm anti-israel they'll go on campus oh yeah Jewish I have nothing against you could shoot you I just need Israel don't believe it Israel's the bogeyman in the world it's the Jew of the world when Israel is attacked the Jew is attacked and those two isms anti Israel it it they're inextricably intertwined and nobody can really debate that and yes there are anti-semitic websites and anti but we living at a time where people are not doing enough to stop the expression of hatred against Jews on campuses and who's not doing enough the ADL the liberal Jews to say but what about the freedom of speech freedom of expression we can't silence them because if we silence them there will be silence and so on and so forth no it's high time to speak the truth to challenge the BDS to be out there and to have sympathetic media behind us we already have the president behind us but to talk about the dangers of BBS is really an ethereal thing once you here we occurred a Columbia University courtesy of Mr. Taylor I am sure your image of us will change.

Shannon Taylor: I agree with everything that Fern said and she says it mildly. I might add she's very mild appear to be I have gone to Tufts University I've given panels at Columbia on diversity we have an organization of diversity multiculturalism Tufts University developed from a anti-Zionism course - now colonizing Palestine it's a symbolic of what's happened to all the universities at Columbia it escalated to the point where all free Diane the daughter of the Consul General to New York was assaulted and threatened and feared for her safety and went out publicly and to show you the paucity of our ranks you asked about the Jewish establishment leaders there are none there are no leaders we have no leaders anymore Carl Beck was a leader Kahane was a leader snoozer was a leader there are no leaders today except Netanyahu who has his hands full they even go after his wife for God's sakes at Columbia every member of the Faculty of political science and South Asian departments is a Muslim or hates Israel and Jews and they condemn every Israeli and Jew see and they tell you if you don't even have brown eyes you're not entitled to Israel and and bigger affect their grades and their graduation who would want to go to these schools anyway but did you send the money and the Jews want to go they don't know but I'm telling you that hatred it's from the BDS movement first spoke about and yes that is a far greater danger in America than these isolated right-wing people because I'm sure they're coordinated I'm sure that's a conspiracy I'm sure they're meant for political purposes and to try and dissuade voters but though BDS means hate against Jews in Israel across the world.

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