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Israel survives 89-years of the Arab-influenced world against them

Dr. Daniel Doron, president of the Israel Center for Social and Economic Progess, contends that Moslem intolerance of traditionally subjugated Jews causes them to undermine the true history, present, and future of the Middle East. On the occasion of Israel's 3,600 birthday (69-years in modern sovereign state), Dr. Doron retells the true history of the establishment of the Arab and Israeli states.

Dr. Daniel Doron
Following World War I, the Ottoman Empire was carved into states, on the condition that 2% would go to re-establish the Jewish National Home in Palestine, Arab King of Hedjaz, through his son Emir Feisal, Arabs accepted the all of the remaining the territory for their states. The Arabs later reneged, and the British stripped 80% of Palestine away from the Jews to create Trans-Jordan, despite the fact that all "Palestine" had been designated as a Jewish National Home.

Sharif of Mecca, Hussein bin-Ali, formally endorsed the Balfour Declaration in the Treaty of Sèvres of 10 August 1920, along with the other Allied Powers, as new King of Hedjaz. Ezer Weizmann continued to maintain that the treaty was still binding. In 1947 Weizmann explained : "A postscript was also included in this treaty. This postscript relates to a reservation by King Feisal that he would carry out all the promises in this treaty if and when he would obtain his demands, namely, independence for the Arab countries.

"I submit that these requirements of King Feisal have at present been realized. The Arab countries are all independent, and therefore the condition on which depended the fulfillment of this treaty, has come into effect. Therefore, this treaty, to all intents and purposes, should today be a valid document."

A taste of how Israeli Independence Day started and is celebrated around the world, from the street parties and ceremonies in Israel, to festivals all around the world.

(Video by BimBam (formerly G-dcast) http://bit.ly/2dFrxnn)

On Israel's Independence Day, UNESCO passed a resolution demanding that Israel disavow Jerusalem as its capital. This resolution is part of the ongoing Palestinian campaign to delegitimize Israel in the international arena and disseminate false history and libel against the State of Israel. It ignores the continuous Jewish presence in the Land of Israel throughout the past 2,000 years - as documented in this new Jerusalem Center video.

 In her, "The British Foreign Office Remains True to Type," writer Melanie Phillips characterizes the problem with Britain's government being asked to renounce the Balfour Declaration by the "Palestinians" still today:
The Palestinians have been demanding that the British government apologise for the 1917 Balfour Declaration which supported “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people”. This declaration was embodied in the 1922 Mandate under which Britain accepted the administration of Palestine and the obligation to settle the Jews there...
... in the 1930s, the British actually reneged on the Mandate, betrayed the Jewish people and instead of settling them in Palestine kept them out during the Holocaust.
British writer, Melanie Phillips
The assumption is that this is a conflict over the division of land between two peoples with legitimate claims to that land. This is untrue. It is an Arab war of extermination against the Jewish homeland. What’s more, Britain patented this so-called solution in 1937 when it offered to carve out of Palestine a state for the Arabs alongside one for the Jews. This two-state offer has been subsequently repeated several times. In each case the Jews agreed but the Arabs merely responded by war, terror and the mass murder of yet more Jews.
That’s because their agenda, the destruction of Israel, is non-negotiable. By definition, there can be no compromise with a non-negotiable agenda. The very act of negotiation is a signal of surrender. Britain would never urge a compromise with al Qaeda or Isis.
So why doesn’t it recognise the analogous threat to Israel? At root it’s because the British don’t regard the Jews as a nation. They don’t therefore understand that the Jews have the only legitimate political claim to the land. Today’s Foreign Office is thus in line with the British diplomat who said in 1938 that the Arabs and Jews were “each as loathsome as each other”. The Balfour Declaration was the high-water mark of British decency towards the Jewish people. It’s been downhill all the way, Mrs May, ever since.
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