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How Pres. Trump is already resetting the Middle East onto a safer track- E. Jerusalem Rabbi Packer

E. Jerusalem Rabbi Ben Packer offers Jews sanctuary, education,
and prayer amidst many antagonistic, pro-Palestinian Muslims
On his current visit to Los Angeles, Rabbi Ben Packer, director of the Jerusalem Heritage House in East Jerusalem, remarks on how U.S. Pres. Donald Trump is working to make life safer for liberty in the Middle East, and to better insulate the free-world against the Islamist revolution. 

Rabbi Ben Packer goes into detail in a salon in Los Angeles on how Pres. Trump's administration is (and should continue) evolving US Middle East policy from the Obama/Kerry/Jarrett years.

Rabbi Packer responds to salon attendees' questions, explaining how from Israel's perspective, this Administration is beneficial for the Jewish nation and the global resistance to Islamist expansionist terror. The event was organized by Sheryl Giffis and videographed by Howard Reichman of Village Filmworks.

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