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Complexities of King David's Holy Temple-building son portrayed on L.A. stage

Solomon, son of King David, ruled the sovereign nation of Israel and in 832 BC, began construction of the Holy Temple (Beit Hamikdash) in Jerusalem.

In L.A., actor and co-writer Marcus J. Freed depicts the complexities of Solomon's world in a humorous, biblical comedy. "Solomon: King, Poet, and Lover" takes you on a funny & fast-paced roller-coaster ride through the life of King Solomon. You meet Solomon as he tries to open the Temple, publish astonishing books of wisdom, experience every delicacy on earth, and keep 700 wives happy. Freed's Solomon is also the King of 700 wives and 300 concubines.

In this video excerpt, Freed likens Solomon's concomitant responsibilities (and proclivities) to spinning juggling plates:

Interview with Solomon actor and co-writer, Marcus Freed: 

Secular-Jewish, Barak Raviv reacts to Solomon production:

Orthodox visitor, Chaya Parkoff from Denver, reacts to show:

Reaction from frum Pico-Robertson's Miriam Greenberg:

The 60-minute performance is witty, engaging & thought-provoking. Los Angeles premiere runs: Sat 12/3 7.30pm, Sun 12/4 3.30pm; Sat 12/10 7.30pm, Sun 12/4 7.30pm. For tickets, click here.

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