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"On the Map" scores a victory for Israel's place among the nations

"On The Map," the Cinderella-story of the
1977 Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team which rose to win the European League Championship, is a 
documentary which shows modern Israel achieving its place among nations. Akin to the 1984 US Olympic Hockey team's "Miracle on Ice," Dani Menkin's film shows the politics surrounding little Israel's international vaunt just 4-years past the Munich Olympics tragedy. It is a treat for Jews and Gentiles alike.

Maccabi Tel Aviv's then team captain, Tal Brody, a New Jersey-raised, NBA draftee who made aliyah to play in Israel, made L.A. the final stop on his US tour promoting the movie, appearing alongside co-producer, Nancy Spielberg and director Dani Menkin.

Tal Brody spoke with JewTube.Info about the warm reception he receives in America from so many Israeli emigrants.

Co-producer Nancy Spielberg addressed her penchant for helping bring Israel's story to the silver-screen.  
Director, Dani Menkin, joins his two associates for a discussion and answering questions from the audience.  

The 30th Israel Film Festival is running in Los Angeles from November 12 through Wednesday the 23rd. "On the Map" screens again Sunday in Encino, California at 5pm. Writer/director, Dani Menkin, reveals in detail to JewTube.Info, what went in to making this film. 

Here, the organizers have a 10-day (to be repeated in NYC) opportunity to show films (dramatic and documentary) which portray Israel in a favorable light to the American public.  Israeli-American co-owner of  Cinemoi Film Channel, Daphna Ziman, reacts to seeing "On the Map."

Organizer, Meir Fenigstein, told JewTube.Info they appeal to a mostly American (not only Israeli-American) Jewish and Christian audience. Most of the audiences we have participated in over the past number of years have been predominantly Israeli.

Preceding the feature picture, a short comedy was screened. Actor, Itzik Golan and director, Koby Axran spoke with JewTube.Info regarding their "An Average Story," which depicts an "average" Israeli couple attempting to capitalize on their sudden unearned celebrity.
I.F.F. supporters Debra & Tim Fletcher
at Festival opening Bev Hills Gala

Americans mother and daughter, Ardyth and Alyse Freshman
express their views at I.F.F. Gala in Bev Hills

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