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Revelations cast egg-on-faces of Jewish officials, leaders, and journalists who have carried led community down Obama's garden path for personal status and privilege

Congregants of Adas Israel and Rabbi Steinlauf fete Obama 5/22/15
Will the Jewish establishment in America and Israel now downplay the revelations by their diplomat friend and hero, Israeli Amb. Michael Oren to not incriminate themselves? The revelatory, "How Obama Abandoned Israel" Netanyahu and the president both made mistakes, but only one purposely damaged U.S.-Israel relations (in the Wall St. Journal) may have overshadowed the complementary points Lee Smith makes on the same day but are worth knowing. Lee Smith analyzes the Jewish communal leadership and Jews in Obama's administration who sold Obama's policies to Jewish communities (and their donors), didn't oppose him in the face of bad actions, and together serve to justify Obama's actions in general. He lays these points out in "The ‘Court Jew’ Controversy Re-Erupts" New reality for an old phenomenon: How Obama and Israel changed the stakes of Jewish power" in Tablet Magazine June 16, 2015 and deserve your consideration.
... the evidence suggests that Obama keenly understands certain peculiarities of the Jewish communal psyche—survival strategies that distinguish the Jews from other American minority groups. The president’s use of Jewish aides and organizations to advance his policies with the Jewish community shows that Obama is correct in believing that Jewish politics are often motivated by fear, which can range from the existential fear of mass extermination to the more prosaic fear of looking shabby in front of the goyim.
And Obama isn’t using his energy and inspiring leadership skills to help these people rise above their fear; he is instead capitalizing on it—masterfully, ruthlessly—by manipulating American Jews in ways that other minority groups would find unbelievably insulting.  ...
Like Obama, the current prime minister of the Jewish state is also contemptuous of the American liberal Jewish community (leaders and those in Obama's administration). From both of their perspectives, these are weak, primitive, frightened people, who can be manipulated from a distance and suck up to power not because their lives depend on it, but their careers do.
By not resigning in protest, Obama’s Jewish aides have arguably not only harmed their community; they weakened their own position—which was, in a sense, ultimately far more detrimental. In a town where the appearance of power is power, Obama’s Jewish defenders had no idea which way the president was actually going. They got played, and now everyone knows it. 
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In this original video-playlist, Jewish-Americans who attended the AIPAC and CPAC conventions this spring sound-off on Obama's actions affecting Israel and Jews.


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