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Melanie Phillips adds context at new documentary, "Body & Soul: State of the Jewish Nation," premiere in L.A.

Director, Gloria Greenfield discusses her new, theatrical documentary about Israel, "Body and Soul: State of the Jewish Nation," which she is screening around N. America and Europe.

Director Gloria Greenfield

The N.Y. Times calls Body and Soul "a concise, skillful recounting of the story of the Jewish people and their connection to the land of Israel." 

In this trailer for "Body & Soul: State of the Jewish Nation," UK Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks is among many experts who explain Judean/Palestine history and Zion's role in the faith and culture of the Jewish people.

Melanie Phillips with Adam and Gila Milstein at LA premiere
The film premiered in L.A. on April 23rd, accompanied by remarks from Ms. Greenfield, backer Adam Milstein, and British author, Melanie Phillips. Ms. Phillips praised the film and contextualized the importance of people seeing it to c0unter the Islamist-imperialist movement's delegitimization of Western societies.  She and Ms. Greenfield then addressed audience questions, shown in this JewTube exclusive playlist.
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Sold-out premiere audience listens to Gloria Greenfield

"Body and Soul" is running at the Cinema Village in Manhattan's Soho through April 30th. To learn more about screenings, obtain tickets or DVD's, please visit BodyAndSoulTheMovie.com

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