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Iran's nuclear terror strategies- Dr. Michael Singh; Dr. Benjamin Weinthal, Nir Kalron at AIPAC

Addressing the US Congress, Israeli Premier Netanyahu cautioned the world about Iran's "tentacles of terror" around the world. 

Three experts on Iran's political strategies discuss how the prospect of nuclear weapons capability will advance her influence over Middle East, Europe, and African societies, governments, and international forums.
The role of nuclear weapons in Iranian terrorism- Dr. Michael Singh

Thwarting Islamist Iran & Hezbollah in Europe- Benjamin Weinthal

Nir Kalron: defeating Iranian supported jihad in Africa 
Attendees' question and answer on Iranian counter-imperialism strategies to Dr. Michael Singh, Benjamin Weinthal, Nir Kalron

Filmed at AIPAC Policy Conference last year in Washington, D.C.

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