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What turned this sinner into an orthodox rabbi? What life lessons does he convey from ha-olam ha ba'a

Alon Anava before seeing heaven
Alon Anava was a self-professed, sinning Israeli secularist. He tells that he died during cardiac-arrest, went to heaven, saw the way the universe works, and was returned to life with message to spread. 

He changed his life to observing Torah mitzvot and studied Lubavitch Judaism. Today, Rabbi Anava shares (in paid lectures and online) the secrets revealed to him in heaven which transformed him into such an orthodox rabbi.  We watched him address an audience of Sephardim and Ashkenazim in this visit to Los Angeles' Hebrew Discovery Center in November 2014. Eavesdrop on his talk:

Part 2:
Questions and Answers:

Follow Rabbi Alon Anava on Facebook or on his website. He is currently lecturing in Los Angeles in English on these dates: 2/19- Encino; 2/2- Costa Mesa;  2/24- Santa Monica; 2/25- Encino.

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