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Israelis donate blood given to Muslims, Jews, & Christians; Southern Californians donate $3 mil for bunkered, blood services center

Magen David Adom administers both ambulance and blood service operations in Israel.  American Friends of Magen David Adom held its first major event in Los Angeles this October in which philanthropists Fred and Dina Leeds helped to raise over $3 million towards underground, Blood Services Center for Israel. 

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MDA's Blood Services Director, Prof. Eilat Shinar explains how blood services are managed in Israel.  Since blood donated in the Jewish state is allocated without regard to race, creed or color - blood donated by Jews (>70% of Israel's population) gets infused into the bodies of every faith, including Muslim, Druze, and Bedouin.

American Friends' CEO Arnold Gerson explains the success of the the group's first major L.A. event.  Entertainment was provided by Neil Sedaka and Jackie Mason.

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